After mass infection among Harvest workers: hundreds quarantined, the limit value is exceeded

According to the Corona-mass-infection of 174 harvest helpers on a vegetable farm in Palazzo mamming, the state government wants to build today is a Covid-test station in the lower Bavarian town.

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The local population will be offered voluntary testing in a mobile testing tent, said Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU). “Especially in a Situation like this, this is a very important offer to the population.” The so-called 7-day incidence was on Monday in the district of Dingolfing-Landau in 191,2 Infected per 100,000 inhabitants – and thus significantly higher than the “signal value” of 35 per 100,000, the state government in its Corona-the early warning system has defined.

Harvest infected on vegetable farm

On the weekend of the Landratsamt in Dingolfing-Landau announced that a now-sealed-off large vegetable farm in the 3300 inhabitants of the municipality more than a third of the harvest workers with the Corona pathogen had infected. A seasonal worker is being treated in hospital, some more Infected according to the Ministry of information symptoms. The volunteers from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine were used to harvest the Cucumbers.

Now they are idle, because the harvest is stopped by a law enforcement Agency. In the yard the required hygiene concept had not been implemented, according to district administrator Werner Bumeder (CSU) completely. The greens and the SPD accuse the state government to have the control of seasonal workers accommodation to be neglected.

The district office has erected a construction fence around the site, a security service monitors the curfew, food to be delivered. Because the farmhand had little contact with the local population, the district office of the infections are not on the farm, in addition to widely used.

Infection rate in the district of Hof high

Apart from Palazzo mamming the Corona-infection rate was in the district of Hof is comparatively high. The 7-day incidence was on Sunday at 37.8 Infected per 100,000 inhabitants. On Monday, the value had risen to 42. “We watch every rise in the infection action, of course, with great seriousness,” said Huml to do so.

“The local authorities are doing a good job, identify chains of Infection and to identify contact persons for the immediately quarantine will be arranged, and carry out extensive testing,” said the upper Franconia CSU politician. “It is important that the infection be done early to know exactly and the chains of Infection to interrupt.” The current situation comment will be), on Monday, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU.

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