According to the star Report on maladministration in hospitals: patients, the Doctors appeal

“Save the medicine!” With this requirement in the star were 215 Doctors at the beginning of September for a nationwide stir. Your goal: for a radical Reform of the hospital sector. In many places it has been discussed: in hospitals, doctor’s offices and also in the television.

Three weeks after the appearance of the appeal, the number of its supporters is growing now at more than 130,000 – and it is growing every day.

The appeal of physicians in the printed star and finally, struck so great waves, that he, in the meantime, many patients, a Wake-up call. One of them is now: Ludwig Hammel has rheumatism. As a chronically ill Patient, he has long been suffering from a commercialized health care.

Patient starts to Doctors-appeal Online Petition

Therefore, he has started a Petition On the Online platform can anyone join under the slogan “against the dictates of the Economy in German hospitals”.

The target: Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is to be forced to Act. For a better medical care of the sick and against the profit German think hospitals. Everyone can join in.

The whole story to the Doctors appeal read in the star, edition 37.

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