This Mom Wants to Announce Her Pregnancy at Her Sister's Wedding & Reddit is Rallying Together to Stop Her

What do you do if your sister wants to announce her pregnancy at your wedding? Reddit has thoughts. The AITA forum gathered together to help out a user who is stuck in a very unfortunate quandary. For context, the family drama has been in the works for awhile.

“My sister was finally getting married to her high school sweetheart, I’ve never seen her so happy and I knew this was going to be one of her most cherished moments in life,” the Reddit user wrote. “That was until my dumb*ss of an ex boyfriend proposed to me at my sister’s wedding. Needless to say I had absolutely no idea. I rejected his proposal and ended up leaving him after a few weeks of him showing no signs of him being sorry at all.”

The sister was incredibly upset and the user felt so bad that she paid for half of the wedding cost  — $15,000! — to try to make it up to her. “A little much I know but when you have your whole family against you, you’ll do anything for things to go back to normal,” she explained.

Now, the Reddit user is getting married to someone she met after her breakup. Her sister has begun joking that she’s going to announce her pregnancy at the wedding. At first, it seemed like it was all in good fun and then it quickly became clear that she was not, in fact, kidding.

“My mom called me telling me that my sister said she was going to announce that she was pregnant during the speeches part of our wedding to get back at me for what ‘I’ did during hers. I texted my sister saying that it was completely unfair to not just me but especially to my fiancé and neither of us were to blame for what [my] ex did. She won’t hear me out and I told her if she won’t drop it then she won’t be allowed at my wedding.”

Their dad and brother think that the bride-to-be should just let her sister make the announcement. This doesn’t make sense to the Reddit user, who reinforced that she had already tried to make things right by paying a sizable amount of money. “A pregnancy announcement and a proposal are two very different things but I won’t lie and say it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if she did do that to me,” she wrote.

Reddit responded with some very unified advice. “Tell her if she gives back the 15k she can,” one person suggested, which pulled in more than 21,000 upvotes. Another person added: “You can ask her when she plans to pay you the 50% of your wedding costs if she decides to announce her pregnancy. If she wants tit for tat … guess she intends to pay for half of your wedding.”

Some people got even more devious with their suggestions. “Invite her, but before she gets to make a speech or anything else happens, announce her pregnancy for her,” someone commented. “…Or, if there’s a Facebook group or something else where you’re keeping people updated on your wedding plans, announce it for her there, before the wedding. Then she won’t have the attention for her big announcement spoiled by your wedding taking the attention from her.” Another idea: “You can play it up a little. (Or a lot). Put a bonnet on her seat, or a “Reserved for my pregnant sister”, or when giving her the mic for her speech introduce her as ‘My lovely sister, who is going to make me an aunt! Best Wedding Gift Ever!’”

Then, there were the much more straightforward solutions: “Maybe tell your sister that her being pregnant deserves her own spotlight and it would be wrong for her to have to share the spotlight with you again,” one person offered.

At the end of the day, many people reinforced that the Reddit user shouldn’t feel any more guilt about what went down at her sister’s wedding. “What happened at her wedding was unfair, but it wasn’t your fault, and two wrongs don’t make a right,” someone commented. “You deserve your day in the spotlight.”

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