This 16-Year-Old is Defying Her Stepmom For a Very Fair Reason & Reddit is Flooding Her With Support

A teen took to Reddit to share an argument she got in with her stepmother and her stepsister, and the whole community has her back. The 16-year-old explained that she lives with her dad, who recently got remarried to Kelly, who has two kids, a 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son.

Kelly and her children moved into their house, which includes four bedrooms with beds and dressers. Kelly’s daughter raced into the Reddit user’s room and declared it her own. This bedroom had been carefully decorated by the user, with purple walls, posters and a special mirror set-up with lights. When the teen saw that her stepsister was bringing her stuff into her room, she explained that this wasn’t where she’d be living.

“She immediately started flipping out she started yelling saying she was gonna tell her mom and my dad that I’m being mean to her and trying to bully her because she was younger,” the Reddit user wrote. “Her mom and my dad came into the room due to all the yelling and asked what was going on and so I told them that she thinks my room is hers and she won’t leave but she said that this has to be her room because it’s her favorite color purple and it has a bathroom so it has to be hers.”

The dad tried to step in and explain that she can paint her new room purple too and get whatever posters she wanted but this is his daughter’s room. Her stepmom, however, disagreed. “Her mom [said] that I have had this room for a very long time and can just restart in the other room and I should give it to her since she’s younger,” she recounted. “I told her that I won’t give up my room because this has all my stuff and I’m comfortable in my room so her daughter will have to go to the other only available room.”

Now, her stepmom is accusing her of being rude and telling her she should be the bigger person. Her dad is on her side but thinks she’s old enough to speak up for herself. “So am I the AH?” the teen wrote.

People flooded the comment section to reassure her that she was not TA here. Many people expressed their sympathy that this Reddit user is dealing with the situation in the first place.

“If no ages were mentioned, I could’ve very well thought she was three. If she’s this entitled from the very beginning, I can’t imagine how terrible it would be to live with her long term,” one person wrote. “I really feel bad for OP, 1000% NTA.” Commenters pointed out that the stepmother and stepsister weren’t the only people in the wrong here — the dad was too.

“No one thought to discuss these things before they moved in?” someone asked. “He think’s it’s okay for his new wife and SD to make obnoxious demands, and to step back and largely leave it up to 16yo OP to deal with it all? ‘Old enough to talk for myself’ or not, he’s throwing OP in the deep end and leaving her to sink or swim while he pretends nothing is wrong.”

Others offered advice on how she can handle this uncomfortable conundrum and insisted that she stay firm. “NTA. OP, try to pull this off: Calm down, do not express emotion and just calmly repeat your assertion (never make arguments for): ‘I will be staying the room I grew up in,’” one user suggested. “Don’t argue about where your stuff is, that you are used to the room. All things have a counterargument. Just be calm but firm. And when they bring something up, stick to the statement. No apologies, no argument, no emotion, just fact.”

What do you think the OP should do?

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