The Most Heartwarming & Relatable Photos of the Royals Being Normal Parents

The royal family is perhaps the most unrelatable family on planet Earth. They can’t go anywhere without an elaborate security detail, they have confusing titles, their outfits are always immaculate, they’re constantly jetting off for charity events and glamorous galas, cameras permanently fixed on their heels. They can barely sneeze in public without it becoming a major news story, let alone enjoy a “normal” dynamic between themselves and their children.

True as all of the above may be, parents in the royal family do occasionally get caught sharing a relatable moment with their kids, and there’s something all the more touching about these infrequent instances due to just how rare they seem to be.

Take, for example, the playful moment Kate Middleton captured on camera of Prince William being dog-piled by their children, looking like any other dad laughing at his kids’ antics.

And who could forget the many photos of Princess Diana having a laugh with Prince Harry and Prince William after descending an amusement park ride? Her free-spirited, childlike personality always made her seem closer to the public than the royal family.

While Harry and Meghan Markle have taken a more private approach to raising their kids, the few public photos of the couple with baby Archie capture two elated parents, bursting with love, beaming at their child. What’s more normal than that?

For these and more of the very best photos of the royals being normal parents, scroll on.

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