Sharna Burgess Shared a Photo of the Moment She Found Out She Was Pregnant & It's So Emotional

Sharna Burgess just gave us an intimate, emotional look into her pregnancy journey. The Dancing with the Stars pro took to Instagram to share two snapshots: one of her growing baby bump, and the other of her reaction when she first found out that she was expecting.

“I was in shock and still trying to process that this was real,” Burgess wrote. “It felt weird taking a photo in that moment but I’m glad I did.” The picture is, indeed, priceless and so perfectly encapsulates the excitement, surprise and emotion of the news.

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Burgess added that she will be posting a video of that big moment, along with some other important milestones that came after. “Mostly telling my mum and dad and our first ultrasound trip… I’m a mess of course 😂 I was also a mess editing it,” she said. “Seeing my Dad in videos I haven’t watched since he passed was both beautiful and hard. There aren’t words for how grateful I am that we got to share those moments before he left. 🤍”

The ballroom dancer shared the exciting news of her pregnancy back in February, along with a loving message to her partner Brian Austin Green. “Baby Boy July 4th (ish) 2022,” she wrote. “@brianaustingreen I love our family, I love that it’s growing and I love you. How did we get so lucky ❤️”

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Burgess has been refreshingly candid about her pregnancy journey on social media, taking us through the high highs and the low lows. She offered an honest update last week that included insights into body insecurity, dry skin, an oily stomach, bladder issues and all those head-scratching cravings (for Burgess, it’s popcorn in the middle of the night drenched in butter and salt). “I finally hit a weight where I needed to have a chat with myself about being ok with this,” she noted. “We’re good now.”

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Our favorite part of the post? Her sweet, inspiring words about being a soon-to-be mother. “There is a freaking HUMAN growing inside of me. He’s gonna have a whole life, hopefully a beautiful one and I will have brought him into this world,” she wrote. “My body is doing things all on its own, making space and getting him what he needs. I get it now, I get that’s it’s a miracle. I get the magic because I feel it. I AM it. HE is it.”

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