Pakwan Puri to Fruit tokri: Mango chaat recipes your child will love

Summer is here, and so is the time for having mangoes. Make these yummy mango chaat recipes for your child at home,

Does your child love to eat mangoes? Here are some chaat recipes you can treat him or her to:

Mango Pakwan Puri Chaat

by Chef Paras Menariya, The Culture House

This Dish offers a twist to the classic Sev puri as it has raw and ripe mangos, which are coupled with yellow lentils and Indian spices served on crispy lacha puri accompanied with Sweet and Tangy Mango Sauce.


Maida 1/2 cup, salt 1 tblsp, oil 3 tbsp, ajwain 1 tbsp, 1/4 moong dal 1/4 cup, red chilly 1 tblsp, haldi powder 1/2 tblsp, pinch of hing powder, raw mango 1/3 cup, ripe mango 1/4 cup, green chilly 1 tblsp, tabasco 1 tblsp, red chilly powder 1 tbsp, sugar 1 tblsp, wheat vinegar 1/2tblsp, pinch of black pepper, coriander 1/2 cup, tomato puree 3 tblsp


Mix Maida, oil, salt, ajwain in a bowl.

Knead the dough with water.

Make small puris out of the dough and deep fry them.

Boil the moong dal for 15 minutes.

Add mangoes, finely chopped green chillies and the coriander to it. Add Tabasco and black pepper.

Put the mangoes, the mixture of the moong dal and spices on the puri and serve like a sev puri.

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Mango banana Fruit Tokri Chaat

by Chef Paras Menariya, The Culture House


Raw Banana 2 pieces, mango 2 tblsp, strawberry 2 tblsp, black grapes 1 cup, ripe banana 1 piece, oil, chaat masala 1tblsp, curd 1 tblsp, sugar 1tblsp, pinch of black pepper


In a heated vessel, cook the chopped banana pieces until they turn light brown.

Later, strain the bananas to remove the oil.

Mix all the ingredients with the cooked banana.

Add black pepper, sugar, chaat masala and the curd and make it into a chaat.

Garnish it with pomegranates and coriander leaves.

Serve it in a tokri.

Chatpata Mango Jheenga

by Chef Milan Gupta,  Taftoon Bar and Kitchen


First Marination

5 pcs Prawns deveined 18-22 count, ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder


Marinate prawns with ginger garlic paste and red chilli powder and keep aside for one hour in the refrigerator.

Heat oil in a pan.

Saute onion and garlic with bay leaf for about two to three minutes.

Now add chopped red chilli and mango puree and cook for two to four minutes.

Add honey, salt and lemon juice and cook for another two minutes.

Remove the pan from heat. And bring it to room temperature.

Blend the marination in a blender to make a smooth sauce.

Now add chilli flakes.

Nicely coat the prawns in the marination and cook on the grill to perfection.

When the prawns are cooked sprinkle chaat masala and chopped coriander.

You can serve it with mango salsa or mint chutney.

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