Lala Kent’s Trainer: Wedding Workout Is Heavy on Push-Ups, ‘Lots of Booty’

Lala Kent Opens a New Window. is in full wedding prep mode with her workouts! That’s according to the Vanderpump Rules Opens a New Window. star’s trainer Jenna Willis: “Who isn’t as soon as ‘yes’ is said?” says the pro.

Five months after the reality star’s engagement to Randall Emmett Opens a New Window. , she has stepped up her efforts at the gym. “We’re on a four-times-a-week regimen,” Willis tells Us exclusively. “Most of my clients start at three, and then depending on their desire and their schedules they can progress from there.”

The L.A.-based pro — who recently began working with Tara Reid Opens a New Window. — typically weaves resistance work and toning exercises into high-intensity interval training routines with all her clients. As for the exercises Kent likes best, “we don’t pick favorites,” Willis tells Us, “but some workouts are more challenging than others.”

On the duo’s gym to-do list: a custom-created “wide variety of workouts” that keep Kent engaged. Moves range “from strength training and heavy lifting to HIIT circuits, resistance work, and often exercises that contain no weights at all,” says Willis.

And while there’s one body part that the beauty entrepreneur, 28, likes to focus on — “If you know Lala at all, you know there’s booty. Lots and lots of booty,” says the pro — she’s recently made big strides in every bride’s favorite target spot: the arms. “Our focus is actually evenly distributed between lower and upper body,” says Willis. “Many women don’t realize they lack upper body strength until I put them through a strength test. I’ve witnessed tremendous growth among my female clientele with newfound strength in their upper bodies.”

“When we started, Lala struggled to do eight assisted push-ups,” Willis says of the push-up modification done on the knees. “In a matter of mere month, she can now do three sets of 15 full push-ups,” gushes the former college volleyball player, who is an actress as well. “She’s also now deadlifting 35-pound plates!”

And while the Bravo star — who gave up alcohol recently Opens a New Window. — is now hitting her fitness targets thanks to her pro, she told Us at the Emily’s List pre-Oscars brunch Opens a New Window. earlier this month that the actual wedding planning is proving a bit more difficult. “All I know is I want three dresses and I want it to happen in Miami. That’s as far as we’ve gotten,” she said. “I’m enjoying being a fiancée!”

With reporting by Emily Marcus

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