Kate Middleton Makes Sure She & Her Kids Do This Fun Activity 'Quite Regularly'

She may be royal, but Kate Middleton is a regular mom at heart. In between official events, she loves baking cupcakes and spending time in nature with her kids, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, whom she shares with husband Prince William. And since keeping up with three kids is challenging — royal or not — the Duchess of Cambridge has a trick up her sleeve. She reportedly takes her kids to a local trampoline park!

A source told HELLO! on Thursday that the royal “blends in” at this fun activity. “Kate takes her kids to the trampoline park quite regularly and really blends in as any other mum,” the insider revealed. Who can blame her? A chance to let your kids let loose in a safe way — it’s every parent’s dream.


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“She went a couple of Saturdays ago with George and Louis and took her shoes off like everyone else, and was walking around the edge of the trampolines following her sons,” the source told HELLO!. “It was a very down-to-earth mum moment, very sweet.”

That sounds like such a fun bonding activity! Trampoline parks are a great way to let energy out (something Prince Louis especially may need as he tends to get bored and act up often), and let kids be kids. Middleton also seems very protective, following her kids around to make sure they don’t get hurt.

There was no mention if Princess Charlotte attends the trampoline park, but if Middleton goes there often, the chances are likely Princess Charlotte does as well. The kids must love it there, as they definitely like having a good time. A recent Father’s Day picture showed the royal siblings giggling while posed around Prince William, proving they can make even family photo shoots fun.


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Middleton takes her mom duties as seriously as her royal ones. She’s stayed up late to plan playdates for her kids while in another country and gives her kids sweet nicknames. This latest tidbit shows she prioritizes her kids’ fun, too!

These relatable moments show that Kate Middleton may be a royal mom — but she’s a regular mom too.

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