Jessica Simpson's Kids are Her Total Minis in First Day Back-to-School Photo

Jessica Simpson’s kids are heading back to school and the proud mama shared a photo of the duo, who are looking so grown up! 10-year-old Maxwell and 9-year-old Ace put their arms around each other on their first big day and they both look like Simpson’s mini.

“These two had an amazing first day of school! I’m so proud! Heart is full. Growin’ up and ownin’ it. Happy kiddos,” the singer wrote.

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The whole family is coming off of a beach-y, adventure-filled summer, which included lots of boating and jet skis. When they weren’t living their best lives in the ocean, Simpson was sharing some truly ethereal selfies and Maxwell was hanging out with her best friend North West, doing cool things like zip lining and rocking matching PJs. Unfortunately, the summer had to end eventually, and it looks like the kids are excited for their next chapter.

Simpson has been known to share sweet back-to-school photos of her kiddos. Last year, she marked Maxwell and Ace’s return to the classroom after a long bout of virtual learning. “After a year and a half these HAPPY kiddos are BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!” she excitedly wrote. “New school. New beginnings. This fam is feeling very blessed 💚🙌🏼🤸🏼‍♀️”

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The singer got candid about homeschooling her kids during the height of COVID, noting just how challenging some of those classes were.

“We teach our children morals and values and how to be kind and sincere and genuine. But, oh my gosh, doing third-grade math nowadays is like doing it in seventh grade,” Simpson told Self. “I can’t believe these kids have to do this much at home. But they’re champions. They’re doing a great job. I’m better with the English part and all the other stuff. I steer clear of math. I already got frustrated with math at the beginning of the pandemic and handed that one over.”

Here’s to a new school year that hopefully involves none of us having to do any middle school math whatsoever.

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