Jenna Jameson Slams Troll Telling Her to Toilet Train Batel: So 'Ignorant'

Calling her out. Jenna Jameson slammed one of her Instagram followers for telling her how to raise her 2-year-old daughter, Batel.

“Have you started toilet training?” the social media user asked. “I have raised 3 daughters and all three were FULLY trained at Batel’s age. You film a lot and [I] see nothing about encouraging toilet training. I also breast-fed all three of my daughters, the longest was until 2 years and 2 months. If your child is capable of lifting up you shirt and asking for it, [in] our North American culture this is when you need to do what is best for your child and not you. She is beautiful and smart so not inhibit her for your personal fulfillment.”

The former adult film star took a screenshot of the comment and uploaded it to her Sunday, June 30, Instagram Story, captioned, “You tried it,” and, “Girl bye.”


“In my opinion ‘training’ a child before they’re ready is detrimental,” the Honey author wrote back. “I know a lot about child development and nowhere is it taught to wean a child because of ‘North American culture.’ You sound ignorant and judgmental.”

The Las Vegas native added, “My daughter is perfect and I could care less what you think. So mind your business, Jordy.”

Jameson recently clapped back when a hater bashed her “wild” daughter, telling the model that she never said, “No,” to Batel.

“Lol because saying no to a two year old shuts down all the wildness,” she wrote, alongside GIFss reading, “Cool story tell me more,” and, “Shut up.”

She and her husband, Lior Bitton, welcomed their daughter in April 2017. Jameson’s ex-boyfriend Tito Ortiz has full custody of their 10-year-old twins, Jesse and Journey.

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