Is it safe to eat papaya during pregnancy? A doctor answers

Is it safe to eat papaya during pregnancy: While you can eat ripe papaya throughout the trimesters, semi-ripe or unripe papaya should be completely avoid as it can lead to health complications and can harm the baby.

Eating papaya during pregnancy: To ensure you have a safe pregnancy, a healthy diet is essential. This means you also need to take care of what you should or should not eat during this period. If you are wondering whether eating papaya during pregnancy can affect your health, we asked Dr Sushma Tomar, infertility specialist and endoscopic surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, to understand if consuming it is safe.

Should you eat papaya during pregnancy?

There is no harm in eating ripe papaya, but semi-ripe or unripe papaya should be avoided during pregnancy. This is because they contain latex (enzymes or the white milky fluid that comes out of the papaya), which can cause contractions in the uterus with the secretion of postraglandin (group of compounds with varying hormone-like effects, notably the promotion of uterine contractions), thereby increasing the chances of miscarriage.

What are the symptoms to watch out for?

The pregnant woman might experience lower abdominal pain due to uterine contractions.

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So, can you eat ripe papaya during pregnancy?

Ripe papaya, on the other hand, does not contain latex and can be consumed throughout the trimesters. The first trimester is very risky and eating unripe or semi-ripe papaya can result in premature pain in the uterus. It is best to not eat it during the course of your pregnancy.

How much papaya can you have during pregnancy?

One bowl of ripe papaya should be enough. Whatever foods you eat during pregnancy, you should only consume as much as you can digest. Indigestion may result in problems like vomiting.

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