Free-Spirited Boho Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Aesthetic trends come and go — we’ve seen dark academia, coconut girl, old money, and coastal cowgirl, just to name a few. But one trend that’s been around for a while, and shows signs of serious staying power, is the bohemian or “boho” aesthetic. Boho style encourages self-expression and embraces a relaxed, free-spirited approach to life. It’s creative and artsy, nonconformist and nomadic; those who embrace the boho aesthetic appreciate travel, experiences, and individuality and consider themselves free-roaming citizens of the world. Inspired by nature’s most calming aspects, the boho aesthetic prizes soft, natural colors and organic materials — both in clothing and in decor.

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When it comes to baby names, those same earthy elements come into play: boho baby names are gentle- and natural-sounding (and often nature-inspired). They’re distinctive, so they’ll stand out among the seas of Liams and Olivias, but they’re not weird or eyebrow-raising — just nontraditional, like boho itself! Boho baby names can skew spiritual (like Bodhi), vintage (like Hazel), or spark a sense of adventure or even whimsy (like Journey or Story).

Here are a few of our favorite boho baby names that perfectly capture the independent spirit of the aesthetic.




  • Astrid

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    The Old Norse elements that make up Astrid’s root name mean “god” and “beautiful” — so Astrid’s meaning, “divinely beautiful”, is as fabulous as the name itself.

  • Indigo

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    Derived from a Greek word meaning “from India,” Indigo is best known as a deep purplish-blue color — and it’s a perfect example of a truly unisex baby name, wearable on every gender. 

  • Freya

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    Coming from the Old Norse word freyja, meaning “lady”, Freya is the name of the Norse mythical goddess of love, beauty, war, and death, and has been rising in popularity as of late. It’s more commonly spelled Freja in most Scandinavian countries, but for native English-speakers, this version is far more likely to be correctly pronounced.

  • Marigold

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    Plucked straight from nature, Marigold is a the name of a golden or orange flower. In many cultures, the marigold represents purity, the divine, and the connection between the living and the dead. And in regular old horticulture, the marigold is prized for its beauty and hardiness.

  • Lilia

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    Lilia is the gorgeous Spanish and Italian form of Lily, which is itself the name of a flower. It comes from the Latin word lilium. This form of the name is lesser-used than Lily, but we love the feminine sound that comes with the ia-ending.

  • Clover

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    This nature name is derived from the Old English clafre, which eventually morphed into clovere, which then became clover — the word (or name!) we know today. Historically, a clover was used as a Celtic charm to ward off bad luck, and it was thought that if you carried one, it would also help you to see fairies.

    As a name, Clover is cheery and wholesome-sounding — and carries the potential for the cute nickname Clo or Cloe.

  • Hazel

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    Throughout history, Hazel has been used as a name for both boys and girls — though these days, if you have a son named Hazel, he’d probably catch some flak (maybe go with Haze instead?). It’s a nature name, referring to the hazelnut tree, and is also associated with the light greenish-brown color of the same name. Hazel’s popularity surged in the late 19th century and has started rising up the popularity charts again recently, giving it a sweet vintage vibe.

  • Matilda

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    Another vintage gem making a comeback — and also a perfect boho baby name — is Matilda. It comes from the Germanic name Mahthilt, which means “mighty in battle” … but this name’s old-fashioned charm (and its adorable nickname, Tillie!) make it sound anything but threatening.

  • Olive

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    It isn’t hard to guess where this quirky and cute nature name originated – that’s right, the olive tree! The olive branch is a symbol of peace dating back to Greek mythology.

  • Talia

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    This pretty and lyrical name is Hebrew, meaning “dew of heaven” — though it could also be used as a diminutive of Natalia, which comes from the Latin natale domini meaning “Christmas Day”. 

  • Dove

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    The dove is a beautiful bird whose soft gray color and gentle cooing sounds have long been associated with peace and harmony. So as a name, Dove fits in perfectly with the boho vibe.

  • Poppy

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    Derived from the Old English word popæg, a poppy is a cheerful, bright red flower. Its use as a name has been well documented in Britain, but not so much in the U.S. — until the nature name trend skyrocketed. In the year 2000, only six girls were named Poppy; by 2020, Poppy was in the top 500 most popular names in the United States.

  • Saige

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    Saige is a gorgeous, herbaceous name that fits any gender — we think the addition of the “i” in the middle skews a teeny bit more feminine, reminiscent of Paige, but not so much that you couldn’t absolutely spell it like this for a boy. Sage, as most people know, is an herb … and, of course, also a term for a very wise person.

  • Journey

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    Perhaps the quintessential boho baby name, Journey pays homage to the free-spirited wanderlust that’s the hallmark of the boho vibe. And it’s perfect for any gender as well!

  • Arlo

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    This folksy name originated way back in 1590, with the Edmund Spenser poem The Faerie Queene, which featured a fictional place called Arlo Hill. The exact meaning is unknown, though some sources say it means “hill” (likely due to the aforementioned poem). Its associations with boho came about with folk singer Arlo Guthrie, whose music was popular during the era when hippie culture was in full swing.

  • Bodhi

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Bodhi refers to a term in Buddhism used to mean “awakening” or “enlightenment” — which makes it an ideal boho baby name. You could leave it at this spelling, or you could use the alternate version — Bodie — which may be easier for the general public to pronounce.

  • Milo

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    The name Milo originated from the name Miles, and may be connected to a Slavic name element that means “gracious”. It’s a short-and-sweet choice that has most traditionally been used for boys, but with the trend toward vintage “grandpa names” for girls, it could be cute on a girl too!

  • Jude

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    Stemming from the Hebrew name Yehudah, meaning “praise”, Jude is another vintage-cool name that’s wearable on any gender. For girls, it’s a more modern-sounding take on the 1950s classic Judy.

  • River

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    You can’t get much more natural than River – a gorgeous nature name that pays homage to the meandering bodies of water that crisscross the country.

  • August

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    The name August is experiencing a surge in popularity – and though for obvious reasons it’s perfect for a summer baby, it’s not just the name of a month. It comes from the Latin Augustus, meaning “venerable”. And the adorable nickname Augie is great year-round!

  • Rowan

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    If you’re not exactly a green thumb, Rowan might not stand out as a nature name in the same way as, say, River — but it’s actually the name of a type of tree!

    At last count by the the U.S. Social Security Administration’s baby name database, this name was used more for boys than girls, standing at #22 on the current popularity charts, and #276 for girls. But it’s still a beautiful unisex choice.

  • Wilder

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    In case you couldn’t guess, this name means “wild” or “untamed” — which makes it fit right in with the free-spirited, against-the-grain boho aesthetic.

  • Soren

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    Soren is nature-name adjacent; it’s reminiscent of the herb sorrel, which is used both for eating and for medicinal purposes. As a name, it stems from the Latin Severus, which means “severe” — surprising, since it doesn’t sound at all similar to its root name. It’s a much softer version.

  • Kai

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    As this name has increased in popularity, it’s been most associated with its Hawaiian meaning: “sea”. It’s great for any gender and gives off a carefree and easygoing vibe.

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