Chrissy Teigen Moved John Legend's Grammys For the Best Reason

Move over, John Legend (and your Grammys). Chrissy Teigen needs a shelf for her Giving Tree Award, presented to her Saturday night in Los Angeles at the 2019 Baby2Baby Gala.

The award honored Teigen’s humanitarian work with Baby2Baby, an organization that seeks to protect the basic needs of children living in poverty. After the ceremony, Teigen — in a very on-brand move — shared an adorable video on Twitter showing her swapping out two of her husband Legend’s Grammy Awards to make room for her own new piece of hardware. In the background, Legend (filming) can be heard saying in mock shock, “Wow. Jesus. Oh my God,” as Teigen turns to him with a grin and exclaims “yay!”

How sweet is it that Legend himself was the one to present Teigen with the Giving Tree Award? (Answer: pretty darn sweet.)

According to EOnline, Legend gushed onstage, “I love my wife. I’ve made no secret of this. I’ve written songs about her and penned adoring Instagram posts about her for her birthday and our anniversary and Mother’s Days, and she’s a pretty awesome woman. And because she’s so awesome, a new genre of writing these speeches has become a specialty to me. It’s the ‘Chrissy’s Being Honored at a Huge Event Speech.’”

According to the New York Times, during her acceptance speech, Teigen said, “I feel honored to be honored. No kid should go hungry. No kid should… go without the basics in their home.”

Teigen continued, “I know how lucky John and I are, because we have resources and all the help we need to make sure our kids get off to a great start, and I know that far too many families can only dream of something even close to the life that we have.”

She went on to say, “…It’s hard to know people don’t have access to the simplest of things… if I were worried about the basics with my children… it would just be devastating. So far too many parents deal with that on a daily basis, so all I can do is try my very best to ensure that every kid will have what they need.”

The Baby2Baby charity reaches out to children in poverty by providing donations of diapers, clothing and other needed items. The gala wound up raising a whopping $4.7 million for the charity and the kids it serves.

And according to WWD’s Instagram, Teigen’s acceptance speech also had some cheeky on-brand moments: “I’m honestly much more used to winning best titties at the Spike TV awards,” she quipped to the audience. “Rest in peace, Spike TV. So, this is a little different for me. Are there children here? I’m so sorry.”

Teigen and Legend have two children of their own: Luna, 3, and Miles, 1.



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