Zott calls back cream yogurt due to mold, to germinate

The dairy Zott calls back, as a precaution, several cream yoghurt because you may be spoiled by mold germs. The products were offered at Edeka and Kaufland for sale.

Be affected the "Zott cream yoghurt Panna Cotta 150g" in the varieties of peach and blueberry 31.10.19 F berry with the identifier, such as the dairy announced on Friday evening.

In addition, it comes to the varieties of strawberry and Mango, respectively, with the identifiers 29.10.19 F and 01.11.19 F. as a Precaution, back of the &quot was also set up;Zott cream yoghurt 150g" in the variety peach-passion fruit with the ID 29.10.19 F and 01.11.19 F. The recognition of consumer will find on top of the yogurt lid.

Zott: the consumer receive a refund of the purchase price

The products of the Association, it was found tents load with a mold germ. Due to this, the product could spoil prematurely.

In the case of consumption of such a product was possible, the company said. Anyone who has bought a yogurt with the corresponding identifier, and according to the manufacturer, the yogurt lid Zott one chicken. Then it’ll return the purchase price as well as postage costs. The cream yoghurts were sold in many large supermarkets, such as Edeka and Kaufland,.

All the other products of Zott are not affected by the load.