You'll Get Chills Watching Dr. Pimple Popper Remove This Never-Ending Cyst

  • Dr. Pimple Popper extracts a cyst on a woman’s body in her newest Instagram video.
  • The cyst is below her knee, which isn’t a spot they’re typically found on the body.
  • She also also had to remove the cyst’s sac, to make sure it doesn’t grow back.

If you know anything about Dr. Pimple Popper, then you’re well aware that she’s got the magic touch. Skilled enough to tackle any questionable skin situation, dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, proved once again that she’s one of the best in the game with her recent Instagram video.

In the vid, she goes after a cyst right under a woman’s knee, which is FULL of ooey-gooey gunk.

“You don’t usually see cysts right near the knee,” she tells her patient, as she uses small scissor to make a decent-sized incision. Cysts are typically found near the trunk, neck, or face, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

💥Attention!💥 We’ve got a Cystuation here! #punnypops #cyst #drpimplepopper

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And then, just like that, she uses her fingers to finesse off-white goo out of the open wound. And out it comes … and keeps coming. It feels like for-ev-er (Sandlot style). For at least 20 solid seconds, Dr. P is removing all sorts of juicy stuff. Then she pokes at it some more with a needle.

But there’s more. Swipe right on the video, and you can see the second phase of the removal. Using tweezers and a knife, she removes the cyst’s sac—which holds all the keratin content that cysts are made of—so it doesn’t come back. If she doesn’t remove the sac, cysts can regrow.

Part of me wishes I could unsee this, TBH. Let’s just hope this patient wasn’t hoping to rock shorts anytime soon.

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