Woman reveals a relationship with a sex addict husband is

If the relationship partner is outed as a sex addict, and is often the first Reflex to not take him seriously. But in fact, sexual addiction is more widespread than I thought. As the Partner of a sex addicts feels, tells now a woman.

It sounds like a poor excuse for an extramarital affair, or excessive Porn consumption. In fact, many experts recognized disease that could affect studies show that three to six percent of the population is sex addiction. The UK sex Counsellor Paula Hall has now published the book “Sex Addiction: The Partner’s Perspective” – in which some of the stereotypes want to clean up.

Complex Disease

One of the biggest misconceptions is the assumption that Sex addicts were automatically your Partner is cheating, Hall said in an Interview with the British newspaper “the Independent”. Often satisfied Affected their addiction through the consumption of pornography, calls to Sex Hotlines, or excessive Masturbation, writes the state of the British health organization, “National Health Service” on your Website.

In fact, it would be a sex addict is less about the sexual act, as to the discharge of dopamine, Hall explained to the “Independent”. The hormone is released during intercourse, but can also be triggered by replacement actions. The mass existence of free access to pornography through the Internet make it easy for addicts to indulge their dopamine-dependence – one Partner is, strictly speaking, not necessary any more.