‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for December 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of year! December starts off with the optimistic and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, which is perfect as we set off to holiday gatherings and experience general merriment during this festive season. “Sagittarius season will keep us warm with excitement and adventure throughout the first three weeks of December,” astrologer Liz Simmons tells SheKnows. “Expect to feel extroverted and passionate throughout these three weeks thanks to the solar Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius season is a jubilant time, there is this ever-expanding anticipation to reach new horizons and explore new opportunities. So, this could be the perfect time to jump in with any last-minute 2022 goals or intentions!”

Then we close out the month (and year) with the stability and the tradition-loving vibe of Capricorn once the Sun enters the sea goat’s sign on December 21. “It’s no surprise that Capricorn season comes at the end of one year and the beginning of the next since it rounds out a year of maturation while guiding us into a more thoughtful new year,” Simmons says. “We may feel more reflective during this time since Capricorn season will encourage us to consider what we have achieved this year and where we may have accidentally curtailed our progress.”

Simmons says we might feel more serious at the end of 2022, but it’s also a great time to reflect on how far you have come and start setting intentions or goals that you want to be responsible for fulfilling throughout 2023.

Here’s what else the stars have in store for you in December.

Tap into your intuition but also use logic

Neptune, the planet of spirituality and intuition, goes direct in Pisces on December 3. According to Simmons, when Neptune went retrograde in Pisces at the end of June, it was the time to break through illusion, confusion, poor coping mechanisms, fantasy, and a lack of boundaries. However, once Neptune is direct in Pisces, the former feelings of clarity and discernment from the retrograde period may begin to evade us if we are not careful.

“Now that Neptune is direct, it is up to us to maintain this intuitive and spiritual discernment that we gained from the retrograde period,” Simmons says. “Part of that is not falling back into old habits or perspectives that do not help us stay grounded in reality. It’s important to fantasize and have hope, but don’t forget to take the rose-colored glasses off to check back in with your reality. Integrate your discernment, intuitive understandings, and realizations from the retrograde as Neptune stations direct. By doing so, you may feel more enlightened and in touch with your world.”

Take the lead in conversations

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Capricorn on December 6. Since Capricorn is Saturn-ruled, Simmons says that means our communication will be more serious and purposeful.

Conversations will become more purposeful, responsible, and even dry,” Simmons explains. “Saturn’s influence could even accidentally Mercury’s conversation skills or thinking process as well! Mercury in Capricorn is a thoughtful, driven transit. The cardinal quality of Capricorn will encourage Mercury to speak up, take the lead in conversation, or act on an idea.”

Additionally, adds Simmons, the feminine aspect of Capricorn will help us be passive, intuitive, and careful in conversation. Moreover, the quality of our conversations will deepen and mature.

Keep your intentions light and fun

We’ve got a full moon in Gemini on December 7th. Simmons says this full moon in the sign of the twins will address the events from the last six months while bringing this lunar chapter to an end.

“At this time, it would be best to focus on how much you have improved your mental processing, what you may have learned from exploring your curiosities, what has transpired in conversation, and even how divergent you may have been at times,” she explains.

It might also be an insightful period to analyze any superficial, two-faced connections in your life as well as a time to work on your communication and thought process, especially if you were trying to become more flexible in your approach.

Moving forward, Simmons recommends using this lunation to set the intention to keep your banter light, fun, and mutable. “The full moon could assist with setting the intention to keep some information at bay, especially if you are engaging in a conversation for the sake of learning something new. It could even be a great lunation to set the intention to widen your social network to include easygoing relationships.”

Make the first move in love

Venus, the planet of love, enters sure-and-steady Capricorn on December 9th. While the seriousness of the sea-goat might mean there’s less whimsy in the air, that doesn’t mean your love life will suffer. On the contrary, says Simmons, singles and couples will experience a serious phase in their love life

“Capricorn can encourage Venus to take a stance in love, allowing us a chance to initiate something,” she says. “Singles can use this to initiate a first date, first text, or DTR talk with a lover. Couples could use this energy to propose something new within the relationship.”

According to Simmons, the feminine aspect of Capricorn will allow Venus to be more intuitive, which can help us assess all of the pertinent details in our love life before taking action. Additionally, the earthy aspect of Capricorn can enhance Venus’s stability and rationality.

“So, singles could use this to propose a more mature arrangement while couples will feel more mature with moving forward with their partner,” she says. “Since Venus in Capricorn is all about tradition, this could be a fantastic time to create a new tradition with a partner or to introduce structure to your dating life. Either way, Venus in Capricorn is the perfect transit to keep the future in mind as you build toward something with your partner or love interest.”

Set the intention for your new year

A beautiful new moon — and the final one of 2022 — in Capricorn happens on December 23, which is perfect for our 2023 goals.

Since this new moon will unfold over the course of six months, it will come to a culmination or conclusion around the midpoint of 2023. With this in mind, you can use the new moon in Capricorn to set goals for not only the next six months but for the whole year,” Simmons explains. “Use the full moon in Capricorn as your checkpoint with said goals in six months. In true Capricorn fashion, set realistic, attainable goals that could positively influence our long-term endeavors, career, and reputation.” Simmons recommends creating a plan or a vision board to manifest your dreams in a tangible way.

Don’t expect your holiday plans to go smoothly

Get ready to blame Mercury retrograde for everything. That pesky little planet, which rules our travel and technology, will go retrograde on December 29.

“Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing up travel plans, conversations, and commitments. Given that this is occurring right around the holidays and NYE, it would be best to triple-check all details before taking off,” Simmons recommends. “Make sure you have the correct address before going to a friend’s NYE party and keep an eye on your gate at the airport to avoid missing your flight. Don’t be surprised if you receive some late presents from the holidays, or if you even receive duplicates of the same gift! If you are bringing something with you to a party or trip, make sure to remember what you need to pack. Either put it aside or set reminders so that you don’t forget. Re-read texts and emails.” No matter what,  try to find the silver lining in mix-ups or miscommunication. After all, everyone can appreciate a little holiday cheer.

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