Vaping could shrink your testicles and reduce sperm count, new study warns

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With millions of Britons indulging in regular vaping, it’s no surprise that you are often greeted with a sweet fragrant smoke when navigating the streets.

While e-cigarettes have been touted as a great way to kick the tobacco habit, it doesn’t mean that vaping is any healthier.

Worryingly, new evidence is emerging claiming that vapes contain high levels of harmful metals and other chemicals.

Now, a new study, published in the Spanish-language journal Revista Internacional de Andrología, found the alarmingly growing habit could also spell bad news for your testicles.

Looking at male rats, the study found that vaping can shrink the size of testicles, hamper sex drive and reduce sperm count.

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The research team studied the size of the animals’ testicles before and after exposing them to cigarette smoke and vape smoke.

Their findings revealed that e-cigarette vapour lowered the sperm count to 95.1 million sperm per millilitre from 98.5 million per millilitre found in those who were not exposed to any nicotine substances.

Although vaping still brought negative effects, cigarettes were far worse.

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The animal models exposed to cigarette smoke had the lowest of all three counts with 89 million sperm per millilitre. 

Furthermore, the rats’ testicles were also the smallest and weighed the least, compared to the rats exposed to e-cigarette vapour as well as the control group.

The researchers penned: “It should be considered that although [e-cigarette] liquid has been introduced as harmless in smoking cessation studies, it could increase oxidative stress and cause morphological changes in the testicle.”

This isn’t the only health risk associated with vapes, as previous research has warned e-cigarettes could also increase the risk of lung injury, poor mental health, and fertility issues.

This comes as data from Action on Smoking and Health suggests that an estimated 4.3 million people in the UK are regular vapers.

What’s worse, vaping rates have also risen among children aged 11 to 17 from four percent in 2020 to seven percent in 2022.

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