Toddler's painful eczema causes liquid to pour from his face 'day and night'

A toddler’s agonising eczema is easing up at last after his desperate mum raised thousands of pounds for him to undergo special treatment in Portugal.

Ines Dias, 22, said her three-year-old son Gabriel’s eczema got so bad that he had ‘liquid pouring from his face, day and night.’

Ines, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, took the tot to numerous doctors and dermatologists and even to a private clinic over the last three years, but all their tests did was confirm that the poor little one has an extremely severe form of eczema.

The treatment these doctors tried didn’t work, so she started looking into treatment abroad, and raised thousands of pounds through a GoFundMe page earlier this year to get Gabriel the help he needed.

Ines said: ‘At first, we were given antibiotics and cortisol which worked for a few days – but then it all came back.

‘Before, I couldn’t even sleep with him because his condition gets worse at night and that’s when he scratches most.

‘The hot weather makes everything worse as well. It’s been really heart-breaking seeing him like this for so long.’

Ines has been able to raise £9,210 with the help of generous friends, family and strangers for Gabriel.

With the money she’s received so far, Ines has been able to pay for two flights to Portugal – once for Gabriel’s first appointment and the next week for a check-up after his first round of treatment.

The treatment in question involves a specialist who uses native Portuguese plants and natural creams to treat burns and a range of skin conditions.

She said: ‘He started to recover about a week ago and, since then, his skin has been clearing little by little, so he’s still got some bits on his face and leg but it’s going away slowly.

‘I feel so much better and happier, the way he acts now and his sleeping is so different. He is like a different kid.

‘He is much more active than he was, and happier, too.

‘The doctor sent the treatment to me by post, and he told me to come and see him next week, so I am going to travel next week with Gabriel, so the doctor can see him eye-to-eye.

‘It has been a liquid treatment that has worked really well on him, I applied it once last week, and it changed him completely.

‘Since then, I used it once again on Wednesday a little bit. Then, I’ve used the normal creams I’ve had from before.’

Now that the treatment is working, Gabriel must have follow-up sessions every three months to make sure his recovery stays on track.

But that means the costs will continue to add up for mum Ines, so her fundraising can’t stop yet.

Ines is ‘just so grateful’ to the people who have donated so far.

‘It’s also changed my life completely,’ she adds.

‘It’s really helped, and it’s literally changing my boy’s life, so a really big thank you to them.’

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