Three ‘must-have’ daily supplements, according to a medical nutritionist

In an ideal world, everybody would get the nutrients they need from their diet, but it can be difficult to eat healthily all of the time.

Medical nutritionist Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart said: “In a time where our diets are dominated by the convenience of fast foods and processed foods, it’s unlikely that everyone can easily meet their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.”

Yet, when it comes to supplementation, there are three “must-have” daily supplements Dr Newman-Beinart would recommend.

“Many of the UK’s population are deficient in Vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, mood and the immune system,” said Dr Newman-Beinart.

“This is essential through autumn and winter especially, but can be helpful for some people to take all year round.”

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Those most vulnerable to a vitamin D deficiency include those who mostly stay indoors, the elderly, and those who have darker skin.

“I recommend the BetterYou D 1000 IU Oral Spray because BetterYou use science-backed intra-oral spray technology that delivers the active ingredient through the cheek.”

Dr Newman-Beinart also recommended iodine supplementation, which is important for the production of thyroid hormones.

She elaborated: “This is especially important for women, because as they get older, they are more likely than men to struggle with low thyroid hormone levels.

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“This often leads to problems such as low energy, constipation, and weight gain, to name a few.

“I love Doctor Seaweed’s vegan and organic ‘Weed and Wonderful’ Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed capsules.”

Dr Newman-Beinart is also a fan of magnesium supplementation, as the mineral could help with mood, anxiety, sleep, and bone health.

“You can get magnesium from foods including leafy greens, seeds, beans, fish, avocados and bananas, but as we all know, it’s not always easy to have the perfect diet,” said Dr Newman-Beinart.

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“Luckily, BetterYou has a fantastic range of transdermal magnesium, which science has shown to be more effective than oral supplements.”

Dr Newman-Beinart suggested trying BetterYou’s Magnesium Bath Flakes, which are a highly concentrated form of magnesium.

If you are taking medication, do speak to your local pharmacist or doctor before taking supplements.

Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart is a Nutritionist (BSc) and a Specialist in Health Psychology (PhD).

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