Three Dead after cancer treatment: process against a medical practitioner

Naturopath after the death of three cancer patients before court

On the Friday before the regional court of Krefeld has started a process against a medical practitioner for negligent homicide in three cases. The 61-Year-old is said to have mixed with drugs for cancer patients with an inappropriate balance. Therefore, it came to the deadly drug Overdose.

Negligent homicide in three cases

At the district court of Krefeld, began on Friday a process against a medical practitioner who is accused of manslaughter, is accused in three cases, as well as negligent breach of the medicines act in four cases. The 61-Year-old from North Rhine-Westphalia, is accused of using an inappropriate balance of medication for cancer patients mixed. Three of these patients died as a result of a drug Overdose. In a further patient the therapy was discontinued.

In Krefeld a health practitioner due to the allegation of negligent killing in a number of cases before the court. Three of his patients died of a drug Overdose. (Image:

Infusion with the substance 3-Bromopyruvat

The healer from the lower Rhine Moers had treated in his practice in the municipality of Brüggen “predominantly patients who had suffered from cancer,” – said in an earlier press release of the Landgericht Krefeld.

“In the course of these treatments he had administered to four patients including infusions with the substance 3-Bromopyruvat to lead the cancer cells into cell death and to fight the cancer.”

In July 2016 had resulted in preparation of the individually prepared infusion solutions in four patients to a weighing error resulting in Overdose with 3-Bromopyruvat.

According to the figures, the cradle would have to be based of error to the fact that the balance had not been for the Adding of small amounts of suitable and control were measures to Check the accuracy of the dosage.

Due to Overdose died

“Due to the Overdose, three of the four patients were died in the following days”, – stated in the message.

A further patient had suffered, among other things, Nausea, and malaise.

The therapy for this woman had been aborted after the first infusion dose.

“The accused have been able to detect by observing the incumbent, and due care in the treatment of his patients, Overdose with 3-Bromopyruvat and prevent and need,” writes the court.

Defendant looks innocent

In court, the defendant was now, however, any blame. “I have a good feeling that I have and clean have worked,” said the healer, according to a communication from the news Agency dpa.

The 61-Year-old regret the incident and have nights since then, sleepless, but he could not explain how it could come to the three deaths.

The data indicate that the drug in the various cases should be dosed Three to six times too high.

No hope for a cure made

The Accused, who had filed in 2010, his medical practitioner exam, explained on the first day of the trial that, in practice, in the municipality Brüggen in which he had worked since September 2014, almost exclusively cancer patients treated &#8211 had been; often “hopeless cases”.

According to his information, he came to the turn of the year 2015/2016, for the first time with the experimental drug 3-Bromopyruvat (3-BP) in contact.

This substance has on the German market, not authorised as a medicinal product, explains the Bund Deutscher Heilpraktiker (BDH) in a previous communication.

The defendant was his patient, with no hope of healing, but he had the impression that the active ingredient in some patients to help.

One of the treated with men “could not be run at the beginning alone, after the second week of Treatment, he went back with the dogs for a walk,” said the practitioner, according to dpa.

The information that this Patient had died later, by the administration of an infusion solution with the active ingredient 3-BP.

The Accused claimed to have any Infusion directly before the administration prepared.

He had brought the powder with a small measuring spoon from a large bottle and weighed. This is weeks and months.

As the three patients had at the end of July 2016 after 3-BP treatment on the same day, physical ailments, it was the first Time that something had not gone according to Plan.

The used scale was unsuitable

When the presiding judge asked the defendant whether he had to use – instead of the scale – sometimes only to be a sense of proportion, he replied: “I used the scale, without exception.”

He had kept to the recommended dosage of two to four milligrams. According to dpa, the speech that should have been administered in these cases is in the indictment, but from seven to twelve milligrams.

The new scale, which he had purchased in April 2016, was to use more hygienic than the old one. But according to prosecutors, the device was not calibrated. According to the manufacturer, the Weighing of small quantities is not possible.

How the German press Agency further explains, was discussed at the hearing about the fact that the Accused got on the day before the treatment of the three later died patients new bottles with 3-BP supplied: powder, four plastic bottles. Previously, the containers were made of glass.

Could have been corrupted, the substance may chemically? Or can the active ingredient 3-Bromopyruvat to be alone, to have been harmful?

According to the figures, the defendant expressed these concerns already on that July day in an E-Mail communication with its suppliers.

“I don’t want to use more for patients, after it went those three so bad,” said the 61-Year-old, according to the dpa, “is that I threw it away, I repent today, deeply”.

Fourth, the patient is in very poor health

For the process against the medical practitioner a total of ten negotiations were scheduled days.

The claims to the Accused during the next hearing, on 5 to. April in the court fool, as he mixed the drug always.

At a subsequent hearing days witnesses, such as relatives of the victims to be heard.

The fourth patient, in the case of the questionable “alternative medical” treatment was terminated, according to the judge in a bad state of health and could not attend.

Information about alternative healing methods

Health experts have repeatedly pointed out that biological cancer therapy is not a therapy that may be seen as “Alternative”.

Any additional therapy must be done in consultation with treating Physicians.

Information about alternative healing methods for cancer to be found, among other things, on the online platform of the competence network complementary medicine in Oncology (KOKON). The project is funded by the German cancer aid. (ad)