The 10 Best Beauty Products to Use During Menopause

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I’m not naïve. I expected my skin to change when I hit menopause, and I knew I’d hit it early, as my mother and grandmother had. But somehow, it was still a shock when the products I had relied on for a few decades stopped working for me. Wrinkle creams that used to be my favorites now seem a little useless, whereas super-thick moisturizers give me my glow back. My go-to drugstore shampoo and conditioner do nothing for me, and I find myself paying more for brands that restore my hair. It seems just when you no longer need tampons; you have to find new washes, serums, and haircare.

I feel lucky, though, that we’re entering a golden era of menopause beauty. Brands — some started by or backed by A-list celebrities, including Naomi Watts and Judy Greer — are popping up that target not just “aging” but very specific menopausal issues such as hot flashes and thinning hair. Menopause-related beauty issues that used to feel embarrassing to mention are now being openly addressed, lessening the stigma and also, of course, helping us actually tackle them.

Behold, here are 10 shining examples of beauty brands that are modernizing menopause — and the specific products to look into when your body is changing, thanks to menopause.

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