Still tired? 6 good reasons why you exercise in the morning should

Movement and sports are important for health – this should be clear to everyone.

But it must be so much in the Morning?

Of course everyone can decide for themselves what is for him or her the best time of day for a Workout. To overcome right at the Start of the day, but it can have some advantages compared to Training in the evening.

These six arguments could convince even a morning and early sports haters to give the morning workout a Chance.

1. The brain is powerful

In the morning, many of them have only one thing in mind: the first coffee of the day. Before the caffeine flowing through the veins, also seem to the cells in the upper room, to lie still in bed.

This sport brings early the brain is at least as good as coffee: Like Stefan Schneider, brain researchers of the German sport University in Cologne, compared with FIT FOR FUN explains, promotes sports, namely the concentration ability and logical Thinking – even for up to ten hours.

2. Circulation and blood circulation will be stimulated

After the Sport, the metabolism is working at full speed, reducing the calories faster and likely more to be burned. For all those who want to lose weight, morning exercise, therefore, is particularly recommended.

The sporting activity also has a better blood supply to the circulatory system.

The body is then better supplied with oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles is stimulated also.

All of this ensures that you are more alert and fitter. So you can start following the training session with full strength into the day.

Who wants to bring circulation and blood flow in the swing, but even can not imagine ever doing morning exercise, can achieve a similar effect in the Other also with a cold shower or a contrast shower.

3. To train fasting promotes Slimming

Many runners have to fight stitches with heartburn or Page, if you have taken on the day, a sumptuous meal and then exercise.

The Problem can be avoided by specifically trained in the morning.

To train on an empty stomach, also has positive effects on weight loss: If, prior to the first food of the day Sport, used by the body for energy production of the existing fat reserves rather than the food containing glucose.

After the morning exercise should be pieces of a healthy and balanced diet early on to the energy reserves for the day to replenish.

4. Running track, and gym are empty(he)

Especially in cities the most popular running the same routes at Rush Hour is more like a highway. Spontaneous Sprints or running side by side – not possible.

In the morning you have the route, however, mostly for themselves. So you can switch off easier and the legs do the work, to be complicated evasive maneuvers.

The Same is true for fitness studios: In the Morning there is hardly a human soul. Equipment, free weights and training rooms are free.

A further advantage of the morning’s visit is that everything is still clean and fresh. Since the Training doesn’t equal more fun.

5. In the evening there is more time

Who hours using the morning to Train, in the evening and more time for Nice and a must. his friends with phrases like “I can’t today, I’m going to Sport&quot… for an answer.

While others torment after a long day to workout, then the certainty of all the "Pflichten" to have done. This is just a great feeling.

6. You will be admired

Although it should be not only the admiration and respect of colleagues and friends, the drive to drive in the morning sports. But Seriously, Who is praised for his discipline?

“I could nie" and other expressions of admiration, cause that one is only motivated right.

Judith Kerstgens

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