Spring fever: So our hormones have on the body

The spring can’t wait

When the sun is shining, the mood. In the vernacular it means, then, that the feelings of spring awakening. There are these feelings real or are they just a myth? The fact is that the hormones are playing crazy, because rising temperatures also endorphins are released. These hormones are triggered by positive experiences. They are also used as a painkiller.

Serotonin and endorphins make you happy

Psychological studies have shown that there are the spring feelings really. Because if sun rays hit the skin, releases the brain, increasing the happiness hormone Endorphin. Endorphin is a neurotransmitter that is formed in the pituitary gland, as a painkiller and positive experiences will be distributed. Also, the formation of sex hormones goes back to the endorphins. Another hormone of happiness, which is stimulated by the light from the sun, is the Serotonin. It makes the body relaxed, balanced and satisfied and the activity of hormone known. The reduced against players of serotonin, the sleep hormone, Melatonin, is in the Transition from the Winter to the summer. We feel more alert and active.

Testosterone production increases during the spring and summer

Also, the sex hormone of men, the testosterone rising in spring and summer. It is not just a sex hormone. Testosterone is also important for the Psyche and makes the men feel physically more comfortable. In the case of women there is not a seasonal hormonal rhythm.

Spring feelings can be increased through Sport

Who is active in the sunshine even athletic, is to be noted that the good mood and the feeling of happiness to rise even further. In many studies it has been proven that Sport has a mood lightening effect on the spirit. Responsible for the neurotransmitters, such as endorphins and Morphine, the pain-relieving and mood-lifting effect.

Vitamin D is formed By sun light

The enjoyment of the sun’s rays has a positive effect on mood. Numerous studies have proven that there is a significant relationship between depressed mood and a Vitamin D deficiency. So depression in people living in the Mediterranean have been identified, barely, in the case of people who live in Scandinavia, and more.

Vitamin D deficiency is compensated for, however, increases the mood. Healthy people Vitamin D are mainly on the skin in the sunlight. It is sufficient to leave the face, hands and parts of arms and legs from the sun irradiate. The body uses the UVB radiation from the sun and produces Vitamin D from a previously in the liver, modified cholesterol in the skin. This is important for the bones, immune system and muscles. Here, we rely on the complete colour spectrum of the sun light.

Empathy and concentration by rising temperatures and more light

When the temperatures rise, the mood of the man is not only better, he is also empathetic and takes others more lenient. The causes that other people are not so stressed and in turn empathetic. Happiness is contagious as we know. The natural light also promotes the health and concentration and makes the people more efficient and happier. (fm)