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How does the Psyche on life expectancy?

The mental health not only plays an important role for the quality of life, she seems to have a significant impact on life expectancy.

Researchers at the University of Toronto, Emory University, and the University of Texas at Arlington investigated in a recent study of the impact of mental health on life expectancy. The results were published in the English journal the “Journal of Psychosomatic Research”.

12.424 people took part in the study

For the study 12.424 adults, people from Canada were investigated. The medical Monitoring of the mid-1990s up to the year 2011 showed that part of the died participants, which had already at the beginning of the study, a sub-optimal mental health, an average of 4.7 months earlier than people of the same age, which showed a good mental health. Until the end of the investigation period and 2.317 a part of died slave at the end.

14 percent higher risk of total mortality found

After taking into account various risk factors, the researchers found that people with poor mental health had a 14 percent higher risk for total mortality in the course of medical Monitoring over a period of 18 years.

Results confirm other research work

The results of the canadian study are consistent with previous research in the United States, when it was found that a suboptimal basic psychological health is associated with a higher 10-year mortality.

Why increase a healthy Psyche is the life expectancy?

Unfortunately, the secondary data analysis the current study did not provide sufficient information to understand why good mental health is associated with a longer life. The Team has several hypotheses, which will be studied in future research. Other research studies have shown that a positive effect with lower cortisol levels, less inflammation and better cardiovascular activity is connected.

For more benefits by a healthy Psyche

In addition, it is used in people with a high degree of intellectual well-being is more likely that these healthier food to consume, on treatment plans to hold, strong social ties to maintain and better sleep quality, which can contribute to improved longevity, explains the Team.

Smoking and alcohol will shorten the life of

In addition to the mental health, the investigators looked at the beginning of the study, other factors associated with premature mortality. They expected that modifiable risk factors, including Smoking, heavy alcohol consumption and infrequent physical activity, are associated with a higher overall mortality. This expectation was confirmed. In addition, cancer, heart disease, Diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and hypertension were associated with a higher mortality in the follow-up phase in a connection, report the researchers.

Poor mental health reduces life expectancy

The connection between poor mental health and premature death is clear, and regardless of health status, pain, functional limitations, and negative health behaviour at the beginning of the study, conclude the researchers. (as)

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