Shoppers love ‘amazing’ supplements that help them get to sleep from t

Shoppers are flocking to buy an ‘amazing’ gummie supplement that they swear has them sleeping easier at night and works from the first night.

Yumi’s Bedtime supplement is growing in popularity, with many people insisting that it helped them sleep throughout the night much easier and that it’s aided them in feeling refreshed first thing in the morning.

The supplements come in a chewable gummie form and a passion fruit flavour, they contain 99mg of 5-HTP and 100mg of Griffonia Seed Extract.

5-HTP can help to raise serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin helps regulate mood and behaviour, therefore, 5-HTP can have a positive effect on sleep and mood.

Bedtime Gummies

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Yumi have released passion fruit flavoured gummies to aid a good night’s sleep

With over 290 five-star reviews, there’s no surprise that the ‘amazing’ supplement is proving popular.

One shopper wrote: “I have struggled with sleeping for so long and tried so many ways to fix my sleeping pattern, nothing worked but these definitely did! I have been taking them for 2 days only and already noticed a massive difference. I fall asleep much quicker and easier than usual.

“I put my phone down and fall asleep straight away, sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning naturally. I struggled with getting up before 11am too and these gummies have fixed that. My mood has been so much better, waking up refreshed has really helped me begin the day.”

A second penned: “No more puffy eyes! These are amazing, took a couple of days to get into my system but now I fall asleep within minute of going to bed and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.”

I can honestly say that these made a difference from day one with me feeling more relaxed and being able to fall asleep again quickly

A third added: “I didn’t think these would actually work especially as I’ve used other brands to no avail. But these little gummies are brilliant! Knocked me out had around 7 hours full uninterrupted sleep. Absolute bliss! Get them you won’t be disappointed! 10/10! And they taste YUMI!!!”

A fourth wrote: “I decided to try the bedtime gummies as I had trouble with waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep again. I can honestly say that these made a difference from day one with me feeling more relaxed and being able to fall asleep again quickly even when I did wake up. Now after 2 weeks of taking these every night I sleep without waking up at all until the alarm goes off and in the odd occasion that I do wake up for some reason, I find it easy to go back to sleep without much trouble!”

You can buy Yumi’s Bedtime gummies here from £17.99.

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