Selma Blair Just Addressed The Changes In Her Voice At A 'Race To Erase MS' Gala

  • Selma Blair received the “Medal of Hope” at the 26th annual Race to Erase MS gala Friday night.
  • In her speech, Selma discussed her vocal issues, a.k.a., spasmodic dysphonia.
  • Selma has been extremely open about her struggles with MS since being diagnosed in August 2018.

Selma Blair has been the epitome of grace since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August 2018, and now the actress is being honored for being a voice for those also dealing with the disease.

Friday night, at the 26th annual Race to Erase MS gala, Selma was honored with the “Medal of Hope” award, presented to her by her best friend, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Good Morning America cohost Robin Roberts.

Robin shared video from some of Selma’s speech on Monday’s episode of GMA, and it was incredibly inspirational. “I’m really happy that you are all here, that I get a chance to speak for so many people who don’t get a chance to speak,” Selma said, while standing next to Sarah Michelle, Robin, and her seven-year-old son Arthur.

Mid-speech, she blurted out, “Oh my god! Can you hear I’m talking really well?” And the crowd erupted into cheers and laughter. But as soon as she started speaking again, her voice began to crack: “See, now that I brought it up, it’s just….seriously,” Selma said, jokingly.

Selma’s been dealing with vocal issues for a while now. In an interview with Roberts in February, she revealed that she has spasmodic dysphonia, which is common in MS patients and occurs when vocal cords experience sudden, involuntary movements, or spasms, which interfere with vocal sounds, per the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).

This child. #arthursaintbleick. He sees me at every stage. And tonight was for him in my heart. To thank him and everyone who has rooted for me and for all of us with #MS and autoimmune disease. We thank you. We thank @sarahmgellar and @robinrobertsgma and the whole team @nancypeaceandlove has assembled in the #racetoerasems 🧡@davidfoster for being the incredible man he is @tommyhilfiger You are a hero. And my @lyon_hearted And @thetexastroya @bonny.burke @kristasmith … always the light at the end of the tunnel. @csiriano has been a light and savior as well as @sarahmgellar for all she has done for us and @jaime_king for keeping beautiful flowers in our home. Thank you. Thank you to all involved in tonight’s gala to raise money and awareness for #ms. I applaud us all. ❤️ #grit

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During her speech, Selma also picked Arthur up—and Sarah Michelle clearly wasn’t pleased about it (mobility issues are also common with MS, and Selma needs to use a cane to maintain balance while she walks).Still, she hoisted Arthur up anyway. “You hold the cane,” she told Sarah, passing off her walking stick.

Near the end of her speech, Selma revealed why she makes being vocal about her MS such a priority. “Everything is for our future…for the people who have immune diseases,” she said.

Selma ended her speech on a hopeful note for her (and her son’s) future: “My dream is that I get to be a useful mom, as long as this kid wants me.”

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