Patient suffered from 5 years of an infection in the head Was a cotton swab of the shutter button?

Patient had suffered for years from headaches – doctors were stumped

A British Patient complained for years about headaches, the doctors were overwhelmed and could create a diagnosis, until the said man was admitted with a seizure to the hospital. This was triggered by an infection in his head. When the Doctors discovered the reason, there was a very large surprise.

A five-year ordeal

The British Patient was complaining for five years about recurring headaches, in addition, occurred at irregular intervals, pain in the left ear. This also led to a slight numbness.

Symptoms were not recognised for many years

The notes always occurred irregularly, and were ignored by the young man, who otherwise had no health problems at the beginning. As his condition deteriorated suddenly and, in addition to the headaches, symptoms like Nausea, memory lapses and even a seizure came, he ended up in the emergency room.

CT scan yielded amazing findings

The treating team of Doctors carried out a CT scan of the head and made a disturbing discovery. Very close to the brain, pus-abscesses can be formed. These included the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The pathogen has triggered in the case of the British man, an inflammation of the outer ear canal tissue. A disease that you actually know more from the water sports. Swimmers know this is unpleasant but is actually easily treatable disease.

Patient had for years, bacteria in the head

In comparison to a normal Form of the disease, the bacteria are in the patient into the skull inside, all the way. This led partly to the death of some cells. The Doctors finally found deep in the ears the trigger of the whole story. A piece of cotton from a regular cotton swab is left in the ear after cleaning, and has caused the severe infection. Due to the duration and severity of the watt residual must have been years in the ear.

The Patient has survived the course of the disease

Since the antibiotic treatment and the Removal of the watts piece, the man is now back on. The physicians recently published the Protocol of the case in the journal BMJ Journals and point again to the fact that the Patient has suffered no neurological complaints.

Better no cotton swab use

The young man has drawn his doctrine from them, and used henceforth, no cotton swab for more on the ears hygiene. Doctors warn chopsticks long before the use of watts. Because this is not clean, but push the earwax, only always more in front of the eardrum. The swab itself can cause injury to the ear canal. The ear wax is not a sign of poor Hygiene, but it protects the ear and keeps the ph-value skin neutral. In addition, can settle without sufficient ear wax to pathogens in the ear canal. (fm)