Our Favorite Health and Wellness Products Discovered During Quarantine

Akalo Hangover Prevention Patches

Keep in mind that alcohol is NOT a healthy way to deal with the stress of 2020, but if you are planning a wine and popcorn movie marathon, slap on one of these babies and you may feel less sluggish the next morning. (And then you can go for a jog, which IS a healthy stress buster!)

Unfortunately there’s no scientifically proven cure for hangovers, but our testers reported less severe symptoms after use. The patch gives you a slow dose of vitamin B-1, which helps healthy liver and brain function.

Akalo Hangover Prevention patches are $25 for a pack of 5.

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Valerian Nights Tea

If the stress of 2020 has you lying awake wide-eyed and anxious, this sumptuous tea may help you fall asleep faster. 

Studies have shown that valerian may help sleep quality. The tall and perennially-flowering plant has been used medicinally for centuries, dating back as far as the first century in Greece.

David’s Tea has updated the ancient remedy with caramel and coconut. Add the concoction to a nighttime ritual that promotes relaxation: Prior to bed, take a break from screens, prepare and enjoy the tea, then indulge in a hot bath or shower before crawling in bed with plenty of time to fall asleep.

David's Tea Valerian Nights Tea $11 for 2 oz.

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UTI Don’t Think So

If you have recurring urinary tract infections, go to the doctor. This is not a substitute for a medical professional. A UTI can lead to a kidney infection, so be sure to get treatment if you have one.

But if you’re not currently experiencing a UTI and want to prevent one, Love Wellness, Lo Bosworth’s personal care brand, offers this supplement. Each capsule provides 36mg of PAC (proanthocyanidins), which is an antioxidant from cranberry fruit that has been shown to repel bacteria in the bladder.

“They may keep bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder, preventing UTIs, and they also may have a direct effect on killing the bacteria,” PEOPLE Health Squad OB/GYN Mary Jane Minkin says of cranberries. She recommends a cranberry supplement over cranberry juice to avoid the sugar.

UTI don't think so is $23 for 30 capsules.

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ManiMe At-Home Manicures

While salons were closed, we tried many, many at-home manicure options with varying results.

If you struggle with polish, try these adorable custom-sized stick-on gels.

Send photos of your nails to ManiMe, and they will tailor the size and shape of your gels. They are easy to apply and remove, and look just like high-end nail art from a fancy salon.

ManiMe at-home manicures and pedicures $15-$25

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PSO-Spine Back Massager

If the pandemic has caused you to cut back on trips to the massage therapist, you can get some relief from the PSO-Spine. 

It’s relatively simple and inexpensive compared with many massage tools — you don’t need to plug it in, just lie on it. You can move the tool up and down your spine to hit different spots, and you can decide the amount of pressure with your body weight.

Our testers reported relief from back pain after a ten-minute session, and it works particularly well if you do some yoga first.

The PSO-Spine Muscle Release tool is $70.

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Brazen PMS Support

This herbal formula was developed by Kirsten Karchmer, an acupuncturist who has dedicated her career to helping women with PMS and PMDD.

Karchmer tells PEOPLE poor digestion is one of the common reasons women experience painful symptoms, and our tester (who has tried everything, previously with little success) had positive results. She noticed less bloating after trying the formula for two months.

Consult with your doctor if you are taking prescription medications. If you get the all-clear, Karchmer recommends taking two tablets a day starting 14 days before your period. 

Brazen PMS Support, $29.99

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Konjac Sponge by Saffron & Sage

A favorite from Saffron & Sage’s lovely skincare line is this konjac sponge, which allows you to turn any cleanser into a light exfoliator.

It’s gentle enough for the delicate areas around your eyes and nose, but feels thorough enough for the T-zone area.

Saffron & Sage Charcoal Konjac Sponge, $12

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Magnesium+ by mindbodygreen

Doctors applaud magnesium as a natural sleep aid that can also help ease anxiety, protect metabolic health and safeguard the heart and bones.

You can’t overdo it on magnesium-rich foods like dark leafy greens, nuts and whole grains, but you can overdose on magnesium supplements, according to the Mayo Clinic. Check your multivitamin and antacid medicines for magnesium so you don’t overdo it. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for adults is 400-420 mg daily for men and 310-320 mg for women.

However, many Americans don’t get enough magnesium, so it could be worth bringing up to your doctor.

mindbodygreen magnesium+, $60

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White Maple Bourbon Candle by LAFCO

So many holiday candles are a letdown — they seem pretty in the store just to lose their magic once they’re home. 

We can NOT have that happen in 2020! We have been through enough.

So we tested and searched and found LAFCO’s White Maple Bourbon candle, which does not disappoint. It’s not a traditional holiday scent (so you can use it all year), but its festive aroma fills the room. 

LAFCO New York White Maple Bourbon Candle, $65

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