Olivia Culpo’s Workout Routine Looks Totally Bonkers In The Best Way

  • Olivia Culpo topped Maxim’s Hot 100 List this week and posed nearly nude for the cover.
  • The former Miss Universe looked flawless and super-toned in the photo.
  • She recently shared her circuit workout routine created by her trainer Peter Mollo on Instagram.

ICYMI, Olivia Culpo, actress, model, and former Miss Universe, nabbed the top spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 List this week.

She posed for the cover of the magazine wearing next to nothing, which of course, begs the question: What’s Olivia Culpo’s workout routine!?

Well, turns out she honed her physique by working her very toned butt off in the gym with trainer Peter Mollo.

Earlier this spring, Olivia gave her more than 4 million followers a peek into her typical workout on Instagram. She shared a video along with all the deets on her leg day routine, including sets and reps of each move, with her trainer.

Olivia captioned the video: “Here it is! A lot of you asked about my workout routine and this is what @petermollofitness put together for you guys.”


Here it is! A lot of you asked about my workout routine and this is what @petermollofitness put together for you guys. *Ps my set is by @aloyoga*——-———————————————————————-⬇️ Complete the Following X 3 Rounds: * Cable Pull Downs X 20 reps each leg * Cable 3/4 Squats X 10 reps * Cable Pull Throughs X 15 reps ⏺ ⬇️ Complete the Following X 3 Rounds: * Banded Pulsing Glute Bridges X 15 reps * Deficit Squats X 15 reps * Deficit Reverse Lunges X 12 reps each leg ⏺ ⬇️ Burnout 🔥 X 3 Rounds: * Box Jumps X 10 reps * Med Ball Partner Toss X 20 reps

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Her lengthy caption continued with the full breakdown of her circuit-training routine. She does three rounds each of cable pull downs, cable 3/4 squats, and cable pull-throughs.

Next, she moves on to three rounds each of banded pulsing glute bridges, deficit squats, and deficit reverse lunges. Finally, Olivia finishes with three rounds of box jumps and medicine ball tosses.

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Phew, my legs are tired just reading through Olivia’s grueling routine. Peter certainly created a burner.

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