Nobody Panic, but We're Getting Dark Chocolate Oreos in January!

Though they’re pegging the roll out to the upcoming winter solstice, Oreo is blessing us with a new permanent flavor starting in January: dark chocolate! As of January 2 (which, might I remind you, is, like, three seconds from now), you’ll be able to buy dark chocolate Oreos wherever the cookies are usually sold.

The new flavor is “dark chocolate-flavored creme sandwiched between two classic Oreo chocolate wafers,” the company explained in an email on Wednesday. The new flavor will “help fans embrace the darkness and add a dose of playful excitement to the shorter and colder days ahead,” they elaborated.

Yes, let that serve as your reminder: The first official day of winter is tomorrow and while you’re mourning the three-to-four-month loss of sunshine, you’ll at least have dark chocolate Oreos to numb that pain.

See you on the other side (of winter. And no fewer than 312 packs of the new dark chocolate Oreos).

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