Mystery condition has left a man with a non-stop growing stomach

Mechanic’s stomach has ballooned in size and ‘won’t stop growing’ because of a mystery condition

  • Sujit Kumar, from India, saw his stomach first start growing aged seven
  • A doctor has never been able to give a diagnosis over the years
  • He’s been advised to travel to the city Delhi for medical help, but cannot afford to
  • His mother worries about him, but he has found happiness in his work 

A mystery condition has left a 19-year-old with a stomach which won’t stop growing, according to reports.

Sujit Kumar, from Muzaffarpur, India, noticed his stomach was swollen when he was just seven years old, local media states.

But no doctor has even been able to provide a diagnosis for his belly growth, which has seen it slowly protrude more and more.

Mr Kumar, a mechanic, has been bullied tirelessly ever since he was a child, making it impossible to make friends.

A mystery condition has left a 19-year-old  Sujit Kumar with a non-stop growing stomach

Mr Kumar, from Muzaffarpur, India, noticed his swollen stomach when he was just seven

His stomach has protruded further and further over the years

Mr Kumar’s mother, Kanchan Devi, 34, believed to be pictured, said she worries about her son

According to reports, Mr Kumar does not suffer with any other commonly related symptoms, such as diarrhoea, vomiting or acid reflux. 

Mr Kumar’s mother, Kanchan Devi, 34, has taken her son to see many doctors over the years, but to no avail.

They often provide him with medicine which can provide short-term pain relief. But it hasn’t proved effective long term. 

He now needs an endoscopy, which involves a thin tube with a camera on the end looking inside the body, so doctors can figure out the next step.

Mr Kumar has been taunted by bullies ever since his condition began

Mr Kumar has sought happiness working as a mechanic in a bike factory (pictured)

No doctor has ever been able to give a diagnosis for Mr Kumar. He has been advised to go the Delhi, but cannot afford to 


Since Sujit Kumar’s stomach started growing, he has seen many doctors – but none have diagnosed a condition.

He has been advised to travel from his home of Muzaffarpur to Delhi to receive specialist treatment, but his family can’t afford to do so.

The burden of rare diseases is rising in India, but the government has been blamed for not putting policies in place to improve the lives of the thousands of people with a rare disease. 

So far about 450 rare diseases have been recorded in India.

But there is not enough money to do extensive research. 

About 95 per cent rare diseases have no approved treatment and less than one in 10 patients receive disease specific treatment, according to news site Down To Earth.

But it has been suggested Mr Kumar goes to Delhi, which is 622 miles (1,066km) away from his home, to see a specialist. 

New Delhi, the capital city of India, would have better healthcare systems than his own city. 

But unfortunately it would cost too much money for the family. 

Mr Kumar’s parents are sad to see their son face such difficulty and struggle to make friends because of the constant taunting he receives.

Over his childhood and teenage years, he has become disengaged from activities and his large stomach makes it impossible for him to take part in any sports.

However, Mr Kumar has sought happiness through his work in a bike factory, where he started working a year ago.

His colleagues don’t differentiate him for his appearance like schoolchildren have.

Mr Kumar said: ‘I love going to work. I work in a bike factory and have been doing it for a year now.

‘My colleagues don’t judge me and no one in the factory makes fun of me.’

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