Mum falls on hair curler and burns her face during epileptic attack

‘When I found out the extent of my injuries I cried and thought I’m never going to be beautiful,’ she said.

‘I didn’t want to see myself in the mirror. It took me a week before I could look.

‘It’s not scary using heated hair stylers – I’m a lot more cautious but not scared.’

‘I teach my daughters the dangers but I don’t want them to be afraid because of what happened to me.’

Brittney has had eight seizures since the accident and has continued to use hair curlers and straighteners.

It’s still taking a lot of work to repair her eyelid.

‘In January this year I had surgery to have my eyelids and nose and lip repaired, however the skin grafts didn’t take,’ added Brittney.

‘I had my eyelid redone because of that, and four days later doctors repaired my bottom eyelid. The worst surgery was the first full skin graft – I’ve got used to the others.’

Brittney started an online support group called Beauty Within Brittney where she inspires people to look beyond her scars.

She said: ‘Once I finally saw myself in hospital, I just thought “I’m tired of being insecure and so I’m going to be beautiful and show everyone the beauty within me”.

‘Through this, I support others to find their beauty – no matter how different they are.

‘I am beautiful no matter my weight, my looks or my scars. Everyone should see the beauty within themselves.

‘I may have called the support group Beauty Within Brittney, but I want people to take my name out of it and put their name in.’

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