Metabolic syndrome: drugs alone are not enough

The metabolic syndrome is a combination of Obesity, high blood pressure, increased fat and blood sugar. "If left untreated, it is even today a Zeitbombe", Dr. Eric Martin said at an international training Congress of the German Federal chamber of pharmacists in Schladming, Austria.

Due to the various disturbances there is a clustering of cardiovascular risk factors that increase the risk for Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or Vascular occlusion. Complications of Diabetes occur, however, usually much later, including the kidney, eyes and nerves.

"Being overweight is not for those Affected, only an optical Problem. Particularly in the case of a distribution of fat from the ‚Apple-Typ‘, so a fat accumulation at the belly, is a local inflammation. The fat tissue inflammation messenger substances, the auswirken&quot a negative effect on the whole body;, Martin says.

The syndrome is the result of a harmful life. A balanced diet and more exercise for the treatment is therefore indispensable. In the case of many patients, however, it is difficult, especially when the suffering is missing. The grip of the drug, although a more convenient, interactive, but only against certain aspects of the metabolic syndrome.


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