Man goes to trial for knee pain in hospital then Doctors discover his “bone penis”

Because he had after a fall pain in the knee and Penis, was a 63-Year-old in a New York emergency room. The x-ray, the Doctors made an unexpected discovery: Along his Penis bone seemed to grow.

A 63-year-old New Yorker was walking with his cane and rushed. He fell on his buttocks and a short time later with knee pain in the the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center.

The investigation proceeded at first without result, until the man explained that he also felt pain in his Penis. So the Doctors röntgten his pelvic area, to be able to exclude the possibility that he had suffered a injury. Thus, they found that his hip was deformed on the right side of extreme.

X-ray showed "Knochen" along the penis shaft

They also discovered something that looked like a “bony” Penis. This image could occur according to the Doctors, when along the penis shaft lime is deposited. Against the advice of Doctors, the Patient left the hospital then, without further research to permit. Urology Case Reports

In your case report that you published in the September issue of “Urology Case Reports”, according to the Doctors, that this ossification is a result of the so-called Peyronie’s disease. This is a more extreme penis curvature, which can lead to erectile dysfunction and severe pain in the erect, but the flaccid state cause. In the entire United States of America, only about 40 similar cases have been known.

Can treat Doctors of the Peyronie’s disease with tablets, syringes, mechanical instruments, and, in extreme cases, by surgery. If a Patient feels no pain, is not an intervention only once.

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