Liquid medication disposed of, never in the sink or toilet

The milk is bad, we cant them in the sink and throw the packaging in the yellow bin. In the case of drugs this is the wrong way: Because of expired liquid drugs such as syrup, tinctures or juices can harm the environment.

"Tilt the expired liquid medicine remains please, never in the sink or the toilet,” says Britta Ginnow, drugs expert at the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical industry e. V. (BPI). Medicines to be disposed of remains in the wrong, get the drugs into the waste water and thus, into rivers, lakes or streams and the Ecosystem damage.

This Problem is not just in the case of liquid medicines clear to everyone: in 2014, nearly half of all respondents overturned, according to surveys by the Institute for social-ecological research (ISOE) expired or unused liquid medicines down the sink, the sink or the toilet – probably, in Faith, to do the waste separation is the Right thing, and protect the environment. However, the opposite is the case. Drug residues of any type – liquid – velvet container in the trash.


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