Limp, tired, and headache: Then you should have some blood to check values

Fatigue, weakness and a General feeling of susceptibility to infection symptoms such as these may point to a coming cold. Or but mean something completely else. To keep the evidence longer, should go to the Patient necessarily to the doctor.

  • Before patients invest a lot of money, you should take cash services.
  • In the case of non-specific symptoms, patients should let their values for Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and folic acid to investigate.
  • Waste of money Tests for the potassium-, calcium-, Magnesium -, or Biotin-level.

A default Check for non-specific symptoms, although there is. Before patients pay several hundred euros for laboratory tests, advises the founding Director of the Institute for General medicine of the LMU Munich, Jörg Schelling, to Fund services. In addition, there are five meaningful IGeL-services, which can help patients to resolve their symptoms.

First, free cash services

The small and large blood count, for example. Some diseases can already exclude or detect. Machines determine the small blood picture, number and appearance of red and white blood cells and platelets.

In addition, the devices also define the hemoglobin content of the red blood cells. In this small study, the physician can identify whether the Patient has an infection, anemia, inflammation, or even a blood cancer.

In case of a conspicuous small blood picture: blood, create

Is the small blood noticeable, proposes to the physician a more detailed assessment of the white blood cells – complete blood picture. There is no clarification of the symptoms, you can arrange the doctor for more Tests.

Also in the cashier services investigations of thyroid hormones and the renal and hepatic function are included. In the case of non-specific symptoms Schelling recommends to take these services.

Fund benefits do not provide a result, Certain IGeL offers

At the expense of the patient, the so-called IGeL services to go about it. These are, for example, Tests that analyze the vitamin content or proportion of trace elements in the blood, without chronic diseases.

These five blood values, you should investigate:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Folic acid

In the dark months of a Parameter is particularly important: “In the Winter, it is particularly useful in the Vitamin to determine the D-content,” explains Schelling. With the aid of sunlight, the body can manufacture the substance itself. It is especially important for strong bones and healthy muscles.

“I also recommend that, in certain cases, the investigation of Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and folic acid in the blood,” advises the physician. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are important for the nerve function, blood formation, cell division and growth processes.

Selenium the body requires for detoxification and activation of thyroid hormones, zinc is important for the immune system and wound healing. Vegans should also consider to have your Vitamin B2 levels check.

Potassium, calcium and Magnesium: these values you can easily do without

“There was little point in a Review of potassium, calcium and Magnesium, especially in young, otherwise healthy people,” explains Schelling. Unnecessary to the determination of Biotin, Vitamin-C – and -A-content are also.

“Dear patients of vitamins and trace elements should take four weeks and observe if the symptoms subside then”, the doctor recommends. You can also access to cheap products from the Discounter. The latest Trend also the investigation of the coenzyme Q10 – but not from the point of view of the experts is absolutely necessary.

Prices vary from lab to lab

Because depending on the Test, patients have to dig deep in the bag. So the individual cost of tests for zinc, folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and selenium between six and 27 euros. Particularly expensive of the Vitamin-B2-investigation with 38,20 Euro. The prices come from the Medical laboratory Hamburg Stephansplatz. Depending on the laboratory, patients have to pay more or less for these services.