Leads to fever and malformations: Zika Virus is transmitted for the first time in Europe

It was feared by the health authorities already for a long time, and Zika were first recognized in cases of:-Virus and transmitted by mosquitoes in Europe on people. A certain factor could be, but for the all-clear to worry – for now, at least.

Probably for the first time in Europe, have put two people with Zika-virus. In the South of France, the Département of Var, there have been two Infected, which may have not plugged in the case of travel, reported French media, citing authorities. Both are now recovered. Will now go on to examine whether there have not been more cases.

Zika may mosquitoes, including bites from the Aedes with A. albopictus, also A. aegypti – transmitted. In most cases, the infection is inconspicuous. Fever, headache, and skin redness can be symptoms. Serious consequences can occur, among other things, when women infect early in the pregnancy with Zika.

In the case of infants it can lead to so-called Microcephaly, a brain and Skull malformation. From 2015, thousands of such malformations occurred in Brazil, as it the epidemic came to a Zika -.

Virus is transferred for the first time in Europe

Both of the infections in France occurred in August, in a short time interval in Hyères, it was called by European health authorities and ECDC. According to the authority’s knowledge, it is the Europe’s first documented transmission of the Zika Virus by living here, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).

Hardly any risk of Contagion in Germany

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) further provides, however, hardly any danger of Contagion. "A Transmission of Zika fever in Germany is very unlikely, because of several improbable conditions are met müssten", Klaus Stark, an expert on tropical infections will be explained.

"An infected traveler who has the Virus anyway, just a few days in the blood, would have to meet after his return to Germany on a Asian tiger mosquito." This probability is not low, since this Species occurring except in some regions of southern Germany here. "Other mosquito species in Germany can sein&quot no Carrier;, with a Strong emphasis on.

Autumn temperatures make contagion unlikely

For a Transmission by the tiger mosquito, it must also be relatively hot. "Mostly it is about the temperatures that are achieved in us, even in the summer, more rarely, in the South of France, but schon", explains Strong. "The Asian tiger mosquito should sting a returnee, the Virus from his blood and then other people piercing and infect it."

Also, the center for travel medicine (CMR) keeps the risk of infection due to the now autumn temperatures, and because of that, so far, no further Zika cases in the Region are known to currently very low. Unexpectedly, the Zika-Transfer was not took place in Hyères, apparently, however.

No vaccine or effective therapy has so far been possible

Against a Zika infection there is as yet neither a vaccine nor effective therapy. “The most effective protection against the infection and possible complications is the avoidance of mosquito bites,” says Tomas Jelinek, Scientific Director of the center for travel medicine. Since the Aedes mosquitoes, primarily diurnal are, advises the specialist in tropical medicine to a bright, long clothes, which rests only loosely on the skin. Not covered areas of the skin should be protected with Repellents.

As a mechanical barrier Jelinek also recommends mosquito nets on the Windows or over the bed. “These measures not only protect against Zika, but also against other pathogens that can be transmitted through Aedes mosquitoes,” he says.

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Also, Dengue cases in France

All cases of Zika fever in Germany related to the RKI information so far, travellers, apart from a single well-known case of sexual Transmission in 2016. Sexually the infection can also be transmitted over a longer period of time. Also, yellow fever, Zika can be transmitted to mosquitoes. It is in Europe, with the exception of Madeira and to the East of the Schwarzens sea, but so far.

The Zika Virus was first found about 70 years ago in the Rhesus monkey in the Zika forest in Uganda. The world health organization (WHO) called in February 2016 "Public health emergency of international Tragweite" from. Brazil sent tens of thousands of soldiers in the fight against mosquitoes. Other countries in the Region were affected.

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The French authorities reported on Wednesday that since 1. August had been seven cases of Dengue in the southern French Département of Alpes-Martimes. In the administrative district of Rhône, there have been two cases, which were also transmitted by domestic mosquitoes. Occasionally, there were such cases in other European countries. The global spread of Dengue fever has increased dramatically in recent decades.

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