Kate Hudson Is ‘Still Trying to Reconnect’ Her Ab Muscles Post-Baby

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is using all the mom strength she has to get her abs back together!

Like many new moms, Hudson is dealing with diastasis recti, when the abdominal muscles that typically meet in the center of the stomach spread apart to make room for a growing uterus.

The 40-year-old actress, who gave birth to her third child, daughter Rani Rose, just over a year ago, has been consistently working out and using WW to lose weight, but she’s having trouble fixing her ab separation.

“Still trying to reconnect I guess,” Hudson said of her abs on her Instagram Story. She shared a video of her bare stomach after a workout, and jokingly tried to squeeze her abs back together.

“Did my workout. My abs. Arghhhh. Arghhh. Can’t get ‘em. Arghhh,” she said, laughing. “It’s not working!”

Hudson told PEOPLE in December that she was excited to get back in the gym and rediscover her “stomach muscles” after Rani’s arrival.

“I enjoy being disciplined. I enjoy being athletic, and I enjoy being active. So for me it’s actually kind of a fun time to challenge my body again in certain ways,” she said. “After pregnancy, getting your body back into shape for me — especially in fitness — finding my stomach muscles again and pushing myself a little bit harder sometimes are things that I enjoy.”

The mom of three added that she makes sure to give herself time to work on her “personal health” during the postpartum months.

“It’s hard when you have babies,” she said. “Everyone comes before you, and you have to find that time to just focus in on yourself.”


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