In the nose: that’s Why it is so unhealthy, don’t pick your nose

Children make it eye-catching, adult-rather hidden. However, no matter how: it is Not only the Smallest, even adults compromise when Picking the health.

Because researchers have now demonstrated that by picking your nose and Rubbing the nose can be widely used certain bacteria, which, among other things, the lungs or the brain skin inflammation can cause.

These dangers lurk in the nose

Actually, the dangerous pneumococcal multiply by a droplet infection through the air that we breathe.

In the case of children in the infant age and older people with a weak immune system, you are poisoning trigger unpleasant diseases such as acute otitis media and pneumonia as well as blood.

“Basically, there are children who have a variety of these bacteria in their nose and the main vectors of these bacteria are in your environment,” explains Victoria Connor, a researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Royal Liverpool Hospital, compared to the ‘European Respiratory Journal’, in which the study was published.

However, the study has shown that even the hands can adult be through the nose drilling potential Carriers of these bacteria and thereby children and the Elderly are at risk.

The study ran

The researchers gave 40 healthy adult participants pneumococci on finger tip or back of the hand.

A part of the subjects was asked to smell the bacteria, another should bring the nasal mucosa into contact with the bacteria – similar to the nose.

The contact with the bacteria took place either, as the solution was still wet, or one to two minutes after the pneumococci were applied.

After nine days, the researchers noted that had formed 20 per cent of the participants in a pneumococcal colony.

In the case of the subjects, the nose and nasal mucosa with the bacterial solution in contact had brought, demonstrated the greatest amount of pneumococcus – a total of 40 percent. The “sniffers” were at 30 percent.

Humid climate favors the Transmission

In the case of the repetition of this experiment with a dry bacterial substance, a significantly lower colonization with bacteria could be detected.

The colonization rate of bacteria was the participants that were drilled in the nose, at 10 per cent, in the case of the “Sniffers” even at zero percent.

As a result, the means that the bacteria were better transferred if the environment was humid.

As a consequence of this result, the researchers of adults suggest that a special hand hygiene to comply with, if you come with children or elderly and sick people in contact.

Adults should also pay attention to adequate hand hygiene in children, and toys and surfaces in the environment be cleaned regularly.


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Katharina Klein

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