How parents protect their children from colds

"Don’t go with wet hair out, otherwise you’ll get a cold!" Many parents give their children popular advice on the way to avoid a cold. Some help only to a limited extent or not at all.

Many parents admonish their children to stay indoors or to take vitamin supplements, so you get no runny nose. A new study by the University of Michigan, USA. However, there is little evidence that this advice will prevent colds actually. In some points the parents are but right, for instance, when they encourage their children to wash often the hands or the hands of the mouth and nose.

Colds are caused by viruses that are transmitted from person-to-person – mostly through droplets in the air that are spread when coughing or Sneezing. But also on surfaces or in contact with the face or the hands of a cold-ridden, you can infect yourself. In addition to good Hygiene, it helps the sick to restrain, to embrace the sick friends or family members, and to kiss or a visit to the Play to cancel, when the friends child has a cold.

Gary Freed by the children’s hospital in Michigan indicates that vitamin supplements such as Vitamin C can not prevent colds. "It is important that parents understand which strategies for the prevention of the common cold are really effective. While some methods are very effective to prevent children from catching a cold, make other no Unterschied", so Freed.


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