Hoteliers and restaurateurs want to sue the Federal States on compensation

The Coronavirus pandemic holds the entire world in suspense: more than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 182.055 of them so far in Germany.

A group of more than 400 Hoteliers and restaurateurs calls of the state governments compensation for Corona-related revenue losses and threatens this in court. The trader, including transactions by the Club operator up to the hotel chain, commissioned the Berlin lawyer Wolfgang Schirp, compensation to enforce. As the editorial network Germany (RND, Tuesday) reported to have been to write first to Claim last week sent, including to the Berlin Senate and the state governments of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia. The other provinces are to follow Pentecost. The letters are the RND.

Schirp not questioned for his clients, the legality of the closures after the infection law for the protection of. “Whether the arrangements were in terms of content, and their whole range is necessary, is debatable,” he writes. “We are not here in question.” However, his clients ‘ claims had – not only on loans and economic aid, but at least on the compensation of its ongoing fixed costs. The result of the so-called “non-liability for interference” in the police act.

The “non-disturber” is an impartial third party, i.e. the trader – to the action of the authorities of damage. This would need to be replaced.

The state governments for a response, whether you agree with the claims in principle, a period of up to 12. June set.

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