Here’s how to prepare your body for a juice cleanse, according to a health coach

Every so often, you can’t help but feel the need to detox your body. One too many glasses of wine, one too many Oreos — no matter what it is that triggered something in you, making you want to hit the reset button, it happens to the best of us. That’s why we’ve tracked down holistic health coach, Carleigh Bodrug, and got the exclusive down-low from her to learn how to prepare our bodies for a juice cleanse.

According to Bodrug, one of the best ways to prep for a juice cleanse is start by cleaning up your diet in the days leading up to it. “You’re likely heading into a juice cleanse because you want to kick-start healthier eating habits or give your body a break from solid foods,” Bodrug tells The List. “With this in mind, you will find the greatest results with your juice cleanse if you begin eating cleaner in the three days leading up to it.” She lists refined sugars, alcohol, dairy products, and overly salty foods as things to steer clear of dring this time.

Increase your hydration levels in the days leading up to the cleanse

In addition to changing your eating habits by cleaning up your diet and avoiding certain foods, Bodrug stresses the fact that you need to ensure you are staying hydrated. In our books, this means drinking water every day — while the jury’s out on exactly how much water you need (it seems to vary person to person), Mayo Clinic says eight glasses a day is a “reasonable goal.” Additionally, it’s best to avoid soda or coffee, and it’s assumed that you should be staying away from drinks that may lead to dehydration (we’re looking at you, alcohol).

Lastly, in order to get yourself ready for a juice cleanse, you need to prioritize your health from every angle to optimize your strength during the cleanse. “You will want to ensure that you are getting adequate sleep, and exercising based on your energy levels,” she advises. “Don’t overdo it and try to stay in tune with your body’s needs before and throughout the cleanse,” she adds. Your body won’t be used to surviving solely on juice, so you need to set yourself up for success. Following Bodrug’s advice is vital if you want to reap the benefits.

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