Halle Berry Has The Most INSANE Abs You've Ever Seen In This Photo

  • Halle Berry just posted an Instagram selfie of her abs draped in a faux-fur jacket.
  • The actress, 52, flaunted a chiseled core that looks even better than her younger years.
  • Halle has recently shared her favorite core moves, nutrition habits, and low-impact exercise routines, all of which contribute to her famously toned stomach.

For fitness queen Halle Berry, the workout proof is in the pudding—or lack thereof.

The 52-year-old actress just posted a close-up on Instagram of her seriously toned abs draped in some sort of furry jacket, with the caption “Springtime Confusion. #FauxFur.”

While the weather might be a bit all over the place (get with it, March!), there’s no confusion over the fact that Halle looks smoking, sweltering-August level hot. Those abs—surely a byproduct of all her boxing workouts and crazy hanging/jumping/crawling moves—are just as flat and fit as her Flintstones days…25 (yes, TWENTY-FIVE!!) years ago.

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Springtime Confusion. #FauxFur

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

Springtime Confusion. #FauxFur

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

Knowing that “abs are made in the kitchen,” of course, Halle also eats an extremely clean diet. She’s a well-known fan of the ever-popular keto diet, and she’s previously talked about planning meals to complement her exercise routine, minimizing soda intake, and cleansing her body with wheatgrass.

And while I can’t stop staring at Halle’s cut torso, it’s worth noting that that muscle tone isn’t just for looks. Halle recently posted about the importance of protecting her body from injury, and research shows a strong core is one the best ways to bulletproof your bod. She likes low-impact, functional exercises that strengthen posture and support the knee joint. Smart, talented, and beautiful, this one.

Whatever else she’s doing is clearly working, because homegirl looks like a lingerie model a third of her age.

Alright, Halle. I’ll take the abs, the glowy tan, and—sure, why not?—the faux fur coat too. Actually…just sign me up for the whole package, while we’re at it.

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