FDA Warns Against Vitamins and Supplements Falsely Claiming to Prevent and Cure Alzheimer’s – GoodRx

At this time, the FDA has found that 58 products are misbranded as preventing or treating Alzheimer’s and has taken action against 17 companies in total. Most of these products are being sold as dietary supplements and are available online via websites and social media platforms.

What products are included in this warning?

Popular dietary supplements like vitamin D3 and melatonin are a couple of the products included in this FDA warning. Be sure to check the list of manufacturers on the official FDA warning here as only certain brands of supplements have been implicated. Not only are these products ineffective for Alzheimer’s, but they may also cause dangerous reactions in those who take them.

For a full list of the products in question, with related pictures and manufacturer information, read the FDA warning here or see the FDA’s Flickr photostream here.

What is the FDA doing about these false claims?

The FDA has sent 12 warning letters and five online advisory letters to companies who have been illegally selling products that contain false claims of preventing, treating, or curing Alzheimer’s and a number of other serious diseases—but there could be more.

If you know of a product or supplement (other than approved drugs) being advertised or sold as treatment for Alzheimer’s or other diseases, you should report it to the FDA on their website.

Are there any approved products for Alzheimer’s treatment?

Sort of. Although Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, some prescription-only medications may help improve mental ability and overall functioning in patients with Alzheimer’s and possibly slow down the worsening of Alzheimer’s-related symptoms. These products are Aricept, Namenda (memantine), Namzaric, and Exelon.

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