Dr. Pimple Popper Pop a Really Angry Steatocystoma in a New Video

But in her most recent clip, it’s also clear that some members of Dr. Lee’s staff have also heard it all. In a new Instagram video published on Friday afternoon, Dr. Lee is working diligently on a steatocystoma—otherwise known as a steatocystoma multiplex, a collection of benign cysts, which in this case appear to be located on a patient’s scalp (although, as is often the case, it’s not quite clear).

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I think I should stick to #steatocystoma NOT stand-up #comedy… 🎤✌🏻❤️💥 #ithinkimfunny #isthisthingon #drpimplepopper

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Thankfully, if you’re a fan of particularly juicy squeezes, the procedure has a far more satisfying payoff than, well, Dr. Lee’s punchlines. A few quick snips and tugs later, and the steatocystoma’s sac is gone, too—a necessary step in many of these procedures to help reduce the likelihood of a repeat appearance.

While dermatologists may be known for good skin, however, it doesn’t appear they’re known for thick skin. “I think I should stick to #steatocystoma NOT stand-up #comedy… 🎤✌🏻❤️💥 #ithinkimfunny #isthisthingon#drpimplepopper,” Dr. Lee later wrote in her Instagram caption.

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