Dr Hilary lists main symptoms of bowel cancer using the acronym ‘BOWEL’ – what to look for

Bowel cancer symptoms explained by Doctor Richard Roope

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Bowel cancer is a general term for cancer that begins in the large bowel – part of the digestive system that includes the colon and rectum. There are around 42,300 new bowel cancer cases in the UK every year. As is the case with all cancers, spotting the early warning signs is key to strengthening survival outcomes. With that in mind, Dr Hilary has provided a useful guide for spotting the main symptoms of bowel cancer.

The warning signs of bowel cancer can be remembered using the word “BOWEL”, he explained.

You should look out for the following:

Blood in your motions or in your bottom.

Obvious change in your bowel habits

Weight loss

Extreme tiredness

Lump or pain in your tummy. Mass in your tummy.

Dr Hilary urged the general public to heed the warning signs if and when they appear.

“Nothing to fear. It could save your life,” he said.

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