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Drinks and absorption of iron

According to the experts, iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiency diseases. Because the body of the iron from food, can better exploit as such tablets, it is recommended that iron-rich food more in the dining plan. But Be Careful! Some drinks hinder the absorption of the trace element from food.

As the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWiG) declared on the Portal “” the iron requirements of the body, usually via a well-balanced diet. The specialists believe that almost all foods contain iron, usually in very low quantities – and thus contribute to the iron supply. Some drinks can interfere with iron absorption however.

Iron absorption by tannins inhibited

Considering the absorption of iron from foods, it is necessary to distinguish between plant and animal iron, explains the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern on their website.

The difference is therefore in the chemical structure. The iron from animal foods (haeme-iron) a person can take up much better than the fruit and vegetables (Non-haem iron).

However, the absorption of Non-haem iron by the tannic acid from black tea, coffee and red wine, can be inhibited by the calcium in milk and dairy products and certain medications. The consumer explained Central, binds to the vegetable tanning agent Tannin, the iron in the stomach and is excreted.

The inhibitory effect also affects iron supplements. Who needs to take these funds, you should drink at least two hours before and after taking no coffee or black tea.

Vitamin C improves iron availability

Vitamin C can increase iron availability for plants significantly. A glass of orange juice or some fruits to the meals can improve the absorption of iron. The influence of other food components on the absorption of haeme-iron (from meat, fish and poultry) is share according to the experts, in contrast, is very low.

Good sources of Iron are meat and meat products, whole grain products, salmon and tuna, vegetables like spinach, Brussels sprouts, and beets, and Oilseeds. A relatively high content of iron in sunflower seeds, hazelnuts also, sugar beet syrup and poppy seeds. In addition, red juices are considered to be values home remedies for iron deficiency recommend. (ad)

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