Chewable ‘Hard Mints’ give blokes on-the-go solution for erectile dysfunction

Many men find that erectile dysfunction (ED) is an embarrassing issue for them to tackle.

However, brand Hims & Hers Health, Inc. has made the condition easier to tackle with its brand new product.

The company has launched Hard Mints by Hims- a chewable, discreet mint-flavoured treatment that can be prescribed and used alongside traditional pill-based options.

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The new Hard Mints provide people experiencing symptoms of ED access a greater variety of treatments to suit their specific needs, as determined by a healthcare provider.

The UK launch of Hard Mints quickly follows the successful rollout in the US and aims to offer UK customers an alternative way to improve their sex life.

Dr. Peter Stahl, Senior Vice President of Men’s Reproductive & Sexual Health at Hims & Hers said: “De-stigmatising erectile dysfunction has been at the core of Hims from its founding.

"Many have always believed it was just an issue for older men but in reality, 33% of our customers with ED are 25-40 years old and 45% are under 45.

"Given this, it is important for us to provide access to new innovative ways of helping them address their needs in a personalised and discreet fashion."

Chewable Hard Mints are compounded with active pharmaceutical ingredients that are trusted by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Compounding allows for a personalised formulation–with doctor-trusted ingredients, custom dosages and innovative form factors to better address individual needs.

Hard Mints are available through Hims’ telehealth platform—customers must connect with a licensed healthcare provider who then determines if the treatment is appropriate.

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